Paul's Heart

Life As A Dad, And A Survivor

An Astounding And Humbling Number

I am sitting here completely humbled.

20,000 views.  WOW!!!

Though my current efforts and goals with “Paul’s Heart” have changed over the last two years, the purpose behind it has not.

Writing is therapeutic.  Not just for the patient putting his feelings and concerns onto paper, but also for those who read what they cannot put into words themselves.  The writing does not have to be anything published.  It can be a simple comment  on a post-it note.  It is a simple concept, being able to bring out and internal feeling releases at least some burden and stress.  And that is therapeutic.  Getting to release any kind of negative energy, when you have nowhere else to turn, writing allows that.

I have always enjoyed writing.  And over the last several years, I have been given many opportunities to have many of my writings published.  And with my published works, not only do I provide therapy for myself with the many trials and tribulations that I deal with, my posts and stories provide therapy to those reading them.  Because I write from experience, good or bad, it is my hope that readers can relate to my stories.  And by relating to my stories, hopefully the reader can come away with a feeling, that perhaps the struggles that they are dealing with, are not only normal, that they are not alone, and that the struggles can be overcome.  And that is therapeutic.

I wish “Paul’s Heart” could be an endless supply of Euphoria type stories.  But that is not realistic.  We do have to deal with some bad things in our lives.  And it is a difficult balance that I try to maintain when I write these posts.  I view the results with the statistics on each story I write about.

There is so much more to come on “Paul’s Heart.”  But for now, I want to humbly thank each and every one of your for your support and your encouragement.

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