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There Is Only One You

I am doing some housekeeping.  It seems that I have over 250 prompted posts that I have not published, just sitting there.  This is on top of the nearly 800 I have already written.  I recently just completed an annual writing project that I have done for the last seven years.  That story will be published here some time in March.  In all of this, I now have four book ideas that I need to finally “get off of the pot” and get writing.  So, I will get at least one of those posts sitting in my cue published.  It is a bit of a public service announcement, more than about my survivorship or parenthood, though clearly both have been and can be impacted by the topic.

Lock yourself out of your Apple product, or worse, completely forget your super secret information that was originally given when you purchased an Ipad.  What happens?  You are “SOL”, or sh*t outta luck.

Just bought a really cool game system used at a yard sale?  But when you go to sign up for programs or apps, you get a message that the unit has already been registered previously (obviously by its previous owner).

This lengthy number is located just inside of your car’s windshield.  Literally, it is called a vehicle identification number or VIN.  It is a unique identifier to the vehicle and its owner.

We here, in the United States, have our own unique identifier, called a Social Security Number.  This set of digits is just as important as a car’s VIN, a TV game console serial number, or Ipad model number.  Unlike the list of these and many other material items, the security of our SSN, is not only not taken as seriously, is also not as protected.

It is likely at some point in a person’s life, some form of our personal life will be breached, whether bank records or even a social media account.  We deal with any issues that arise with corrections and alterations and move on.  Usually these “hacks” often go without apprehending the individuals committing the illegal acts, often because it is too difficult to determine.

But for being the 9 most important numbers in a person’s life, there are not enough protections in place, and definitely not enough enforcement when incidents are discovered, and luckily solved.  In fact, even if you are a victim of identity theft or identity fraud, involving that SSN, you keep that same SSN.  You do not get a new SSN.  What you get are a whole lot of extra security steps that will get attached to your number, that you will have to remember, but also change everything else associated with your personal life such as bank accounts and credit accounts.  Everything will need extra security steps to help insure your security.

I have studied this issue, because I myself was a victim of identity theft and identity fraud involving my social security number.  And it was not because of anything I did, anything I told anyone, or any of the many forms I filled out that required me to submit my social security number.  My social security number was actually stolen.  But unlike many cases that remain unsolved, I know who did it.  I know who used my information.  The frustrating thing, was in spite of me knowing this information, I was unsuccessful in court not only in having the individual held accountable for his actions, but having the judge totally dismiss the accusation all together.

Having possession of something that does not belong to you, by any means committed, is theft.  Using that illegally possessed information is considered fraud.  I cannot explain what was missing in leading the judge not to protect me, but I do know this much.  I have made all of the corrections I needed to for my privacy.  But also, if I discover anything else being perpetrated against me, my finger will be pointed in that individual’s directions.  At some point, legally, this will catch up to him.

But in the meantime, I want to share this with you, to help you protect yourself.  Because that is what Paul’s Heart is about, sharing my experiences to help you deal with your situations and overcome any obstacles.

The most thorough process you can find to help you deal with an act of identity theft or fraud, can be found at operated by the Federal Trade Commission.  They will take you step by step what you need to do right away, soon after, and how to repair.

The first thing to do is to contact whatever entity was affected, where you know the theft or fraud occurred.  You need to have a fraud alert put on any and all accounts, and possibly consider a “credit freeze.”  The easiest way to figure out who all you need to reach out to, is to get a credit report from all three credit reporting agencies (Experian, Transunion, Equifax).

Once you have done all the notifying, then you need to get to the repairs and corrections.  Fight all fraudulent claims.  Close every account you have and open new, with the extra fraud protections.  I mentioned a “fraud alert” and a “credit freeze,” both of which are meant to do the same thing, protect you, but the alert still allows you to have access as long as verifications are made and is free to have done, and lasts for seven years.  The freeze stops all access until you lift the freeze, with fees depending on individual states, and lasts until you remove it.

Of course, like I mentioned, close every account you have, and open new with the added safe guards.  Of course identity theft and fraud does not limit itself to just credit and social security, but also for taxes, child identity, and even medical theft.

If a company loses your information, or it is breached, you can count on that company being held accountable.  It is when the theft occurs by an unknown person that the uncertainty of a resolution will cause the most stress.  Even as I pointed out, even though I know the identification of the individual, the law was actually used to allow that individual to steal my identity and commit an act of fraud.  But as I said, with all the protections I now have in place, any future attempt, he will be the first one accused.

Another Heart Broken

As usual with this subject of the post, I must offer the following disclaimer due to trolls that stalk my page…


I think I made this perfectly clear.

In divorce, there are two types of parents when it comes to custody.  Parents who want to be in their child’s lives, and those who do not.  And while statistics may show an overwhelming bias against one parent over another, the critical point remains that a child who starts off with two parents, needs both of those parents, regardless of gender, even after divorce.  This post is not about a mother or father who does not care.

As an adult child of divorce, I am especially sensitive to the relationships between children and parents during a divorce.  And having been divorced, I must deal with issues as the parent, as well as memories of my childhood, or lack of.  So the things I say, I do not take lightly, but most certainly, take sincerely.

Today, I received an email from a reader, who happens to be a father.  Like the majority of my followers here, I do not know identities (except for some of the trolls that I have figured out).  Given the details of the email, I know this email is the real deal.  An email such as this will end one of two ways, the parent is given some additional support to see things can get better, perhaps a direction how.  The other result, as far as I am concerned, 100% unacceptable, the loss of the parent from the child’s life.  This occurs most likely through either suicide, or surrendering their rights as a parent.  In either way, the system clearly fails if this is how not just this father’s story ends, but any parent.

Ask any parent whose child has passed away due to either illness or accident, the hole left if their heart will never heal.  And though the situation is different, constructing a narrative that causes the destruction between a parent and their child, even though both remain physically alive, creates a similar feeling of loss.  Some may recover from this neglectful and abusive behavior.  For some, this ends up as permanent, as if the child had actually died.

This father writes me, to mention that he has decided to surrender his parental rights, no longer able to sustain the fight for his children, financially, emotionally, or physically.  As is often the case, custody cases can easily approach six figures, emotions can take one step forward only to take two steps backward, and the wear and tear on the body from the stress may never be able to recover from.  Clearly to this father, and he did not state which of the three factors, or a combination of all of them, led him to this point.

As I said, I will not discuss my own custody issues, but I do what I can to encourage others, both mothers and fathers to work things out, for the sake of children.  And I do this not as a divorced father, but as I mentioned, as an adult child of divorce.  It is a relatively new concept, or concern, because all of this time, attention has always been paid to the lives of the children, assuming that once in adulthood, all would be good.  Well, except for the glaring statistic of divorce rates of children from divorced families.

In communicating with this father, I found myself dealing with a new issue, that even through my own situation, I never recognized as an option.  But I was going to convey it to this father, the decision he wanted to make was going to be a huge mistake to not only him, but to his children.

My father made decisions that he made in my young childhood.  I had always made it a point to not know what happened between he and my mother, because whatever happened between them, should have made no difference to me.  In the end, it did, because my father would eventually make the decision to “disappear.”  He never surrendered his rights to me.  But even with an ultimatum leveled on him at my high school graduation, he still made his decision, and it was one that could never be taken back.

Now, obviously, the picture above, clearly shows that my dad and I did eventually make up.  We had a very special relationship, the rebuild caused by a tragic event.  The first half of my life with, rather, without my father, was gone.  There was no getting any of it back.  But with grandchildren that loved him very much, it gave my father and I a much needed opportunity to heal.  And in the end, I forgave my father, and loved him for doing what he could for his grandchildren.  All these years later, I still do not know, why things happened the way that they did.

I have several friends who were divorced, and now have grown children.  I have heard their stories of those who gave up, and those who fought, and fought, and fought.  And the only true regret that I have ever heard,  was from those who did “walk away.”

And then I felt myself dealing with a new issue, that I had never felt before.  And this emotion would be the catalyst for how I would encourage this father, do not give up.  Though I got the opportunity to make amends with my father, and spend some valuable time and memories, there was one issue that was never, and will never get the chance to be cleared up.  And it is something that will last me, as long as I live, because he is no longer here to defend himself.

From the time my children were adopted, through the beginning of the divorce, to today, my children know me as the loving father I have always been.  As of late, geographically things are not convenient, but my children know that I will always be there for them and will do everything I can to help them, no matter where I am.

And here was the new issue.  My father did not.  And he lived less than twenty minutes from me growing up.  He not only was responsible for the decision to spend time with me or not, but he also chose not to fight for that right either.  And this is now the issue I struggle with.  It is one thing for me to be able to proclaim that I will never give up my rights as father to my children, it is another that my Father did not.  And for that, I cannot forgive him.

And that is what I tried to get across to this father.  Giving up must never be an option.  I get it.  Our bodies take a horrible beating from the stress and financial toll of this fight.  But that does not even compare to a child will never forgive you for “giving up.”

Should we have to fight til our last heartbeat for our children?  No.  And fortunately, states are now realizing the relationships between parents and their children need help, and are changing the law to allow these changes to take place.  It is a slow process, but it is happening.

I do not know the age of this man’s children, but they sound young.  He has lost everything in fighting for his custody, and likely will not recover any time soon.  But the ultimate loss will come if he stops fighting for his children.  I have no idea how my father felt making the decision that he did.  But I do know that I did not want this father to find out either.

As I wrote this post, I received an email from someone else.  And this father had just won his custody fight, a very long one.  It turns out, that he was good at documenting, and presented the judge with an overwhelming amount of documentation that showed how relentless the other parent was, in trying to take the kids away from him, no intention of co-parenting, or even letting the children be in his life.  Seriously, if you have to try this hard to prevent your children from seeing their other parent, you are using your children as pawns or weapons.  Shame on you.  And you need to know, it will never be the other parent that will pay for that, it will be the offending parent that is despised by the child, no matter how much the denial.  It will happen.

I asked the email owner if I could forward it to the other writer, who could definitely use some encouragement.

Look, if you walk away from your child, know that is something you will never get back.  But if you truly love your children, you do not ever give up any fight for them.  Giving up is never an option.

The Coward, The Troll, The Bully, The Monster, The Loser

Yep, pretty sure I have described you as well as I could.  Did I leave anything out?

Sorry folks.  Need to address someone personally, and well, since the individual is a coward, and refuses to come out from the shadows to face me human to human, well… here is why I am doing this post.

For years, I have put myself out publicly, to be both a resource and for support, for those who face challenges in life, similar to what I have gone through.  I will admit, this has also been therapeutic for me as well, because short of talking to a psychologist, most would not be able to comprehend what I have been through.

My topics cover my experiences with cancer and survivorship, adoption related issues, divorce, and parenting.  At times I will have guest writers share their stories and insights.  Some topics I will get quite detailed, and  I do my best to avoid graphic content, and there are times when things are written that are appropriate.  There are things that I will not talk about to protect certain individuals from situations or reasons.  For instance, I will talk about anything pertaining to my cancer journey and life afterwards, issues related to adoption and immigration, but I will not discuss details of my divorce or things related to it, other than sharing other people’s stories whose similarities are purely coincidental.  Well… until now.  Actually for the last several years.  Someone wants to use my blog against me, by taking things I have written out of context, and misrepresenting my thoughts.  This should not come as a surprise given everything else this coward has tried to perpetrate against me.

You see Coward, yes, I capitalized it because I am using it as a proper noun as well as an adjective, I am speaking directly to you.  You are a coward.  You are a troll.  You are a bully.  You are a monster.  You are a loser.

Do you think you are the only outsider who has tried to interfere with my divorce, and the relationship with my children?  Hardly.  Do you think because your acts are done in the shadows, there are not footprints to your doorstep?  You try to incite those formerly in my life with innuendo and things taken out of context, all in an effort to destroy my life.  You trust people who you should not, which is how I know who you are.  And that is why every thing that happens, it is reported to the authorities, every time.  Everything has been documented.

Just because you do not value your family, and quite possibly that sentiment is returned, does not give you the right to come at me.  I know who you are.  My children and friends know who you are.  And we all know what you have done and continue to do to me.

The unfortunate thing is, after six years, emotions from the divorce should be simmering down.  Instead, you, an outsider, feel the need to constantly stoke the flames for your own personal and sick satisfaction.  Those that you feed by stalking me, taking things out of context, do not hurt me, you hurt them, not allowing them to move on with their lives.  But then again, you do not care who you hurt.  Even I know that.  Unfortunately, they do not know this, you coward.

I feel better getting this off my chest, coward.  You?  At least I am not hiding, coward.  How do you like that, coward?  And for your minions that bite on every morsel you throw at them?  I know who they are too, and so do my friends, and so do my children.  Imagine, people they know and love, and think they are loved back, actually conspire with you to hurt their father.  I have something you will never know or understand, a child’s never ending love.  You will never take that away from me.

I look forward to the stinging rebukes tonight, or whenever you can think of some clever response.  But as you refuse to come out from the shadows, you are nothing but a coward.  Too bad your minions cannot see it and the trouble you are causing for them as well.

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