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A Voice For Others


Being an advocate often comes at a price.  For some, being an advocate is what they were born to be, for others, it just happens.

Because of what my body has been put through over the last three decades between cancer and its treatments, because of my experiences as a victim of school bullying, family and relationship issues, education, I have found myself coming to terms with what I believe I am meant to be.

I cannot donate blood or body organs.  I am never going to invent anything (I lack the trait of imagination).  I will not be responsible for finding a cure for anything.  But there is so much that I feel that I can do.  I can encourage.  I can speak of hope.  I can help.

My list of efforts that I advocate for or against, continually grows.

Cancer Patients, Cancer Survivors, Adoption, International Adoption, Cardiac Disease, Public Education, Disabilities, Bullying, Divorce and Parental Alienation

My stories are all here.  And if they somehow help to heal, then I know that I have done what I set out to do.

I invite any of you, to write to me at, any story that you would like to share, and I will post it on “Paul’s Heart” if you believe it might help to heal someone else.  I have shared other’s inspirational stories on this blog, and am more than happy to share more.


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