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She Calls Me Daddy


It is official, my second and youngest daughter is now heading into the second half of her childhood.


There are just so many memories I have, and will always cherish of both of my daughters.  They both have their own little histories and unique experiences.  Em’s are no different.

When we talk to each other on Facetime every night, I often show her a different picture every night from her past.  We enjoy this custom as well as normally sharing a memory that either of us have.


Known for her sweetness, sincerity, and wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is also very sharp, and quick with the comedic relief when you need it.

Having had two daughters, I have gotten to experience many of the similar stories that other parents have… sleepless nights, homework assignments and projects, to losing her retainer and Dad having to fish through 5 bags of garbage of the caterer for the banquet she was attending.  With every beat of my heart, there is nothing that I will not do for my daughters if it is within my power.


I love you Emmalie.  You are an awesome daughter.  Though she may not always show it, you are a great little sister.

Happy Birthday Em!!!

Love, Daddy


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