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Good Riddance 2020

So the question across my news feed this morning, was “name something good that happened for you in 2020.”

For the majority of us, this is likely to limit responses to just January, February, maybe March.  There are two notable things that I consider good during this time. 

Being a non-custodial parent, there are many things that I am not included in.  But this moment was something for me to always cherish.  I got to take my daughters shopping for dresses for a school semi-formal.  Though not a big shopper myself, this was one trip I am so glad I got to make.

This was a huge thing that occurred in 2020, just before the Covid19 shit hit the fan.  Each milestone that I hit, I find myself amazed that I am still here.  Back then, we were only encouraged to think about some magical 5-year mark.

But even through the rest of the year, I did manage to have some good things happen.  My cooking improved for one.  I am an okay cook, but not having an option to go out an sit down, and for the most part opting not to do take out, the pressure was on if I wanted to eat.

Most importantly, in spite of Covid19 and the risks, I still managed to see my daughters.  Besides the law supporting the needs of children to see their non-custodial parents, as long as protections and recommendations were followed, visits were going to happen.

Likely, no one is going to say they would like to just reset and redo the 2020 calendar year.  2020 in fact, is probably going to go down as the worst number to avoid than a 13th floor in a hotel.

With hopefully the recovery from Covid19 going in that direction to start 2021, I have things that I am looking forward to, one major milestone, an effort thought I would never finish, and of course getting to spend more time with my daughters again.

My heart goes out to all who have lost someone this year, not just Covid19.  My wish is for all who are reading this, to find peace, good health, and comfort in 2021.

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