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The Counter Reads 4

In my hectic world, I have never really taken time to slow down.  Even when my body left me with no choice (cancer, heart surgery, 2 cases of near fatal pneumonia, and another undiagnosed heart episode), I rarely slow down.  I have always been known to overcome all my crazy health issues that came to me courtesy from my treatments from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma years ago.  That is just what I did.

My world was turned upside down again over the past year, although in fairness, it started long before that.  I had to put my furry companion of 14 years down after quality of life became an issue for him, the loss of my father and a very dear friend, the break-up of my second marriage, loss of my job due to downsizing, and of course, learning to deal with an amazing distance geographically between my children and I.

But as I mentioned, I rarely take opportunities to slow down, even when I am “freed” up by something else.  I simply find something else to replace it.  And currently, what I am dealing with is no exception.  While I plan for my next visit with my daughters, I am also still trying to secure work.  I also have a major court appearance in regards to my divorce, and the implications are huge and carry severe resolution to it.  Clearly no one will win regardless of the outcome, and clearly, it will be the children who lose.

Today is a rare day for me.  I am at half speed.  The day itself is a beautiful Fall day here in Florida.  I took some time to work on some various writing projects, and hang out on the beach behind my condo.  Blissful peace.  Time to clear my head of all things causing me stress.

As I sat down at my laptop, amongst all the busy hubbub of my life, I logged on to “Paul’s Heart” and I noticed something that I had taken for granted and forgotten about.  The amazing thing is, it is one thing that can never be taken away from me.  There is a counter on the front of my page.  And it is counting down to a number that even to this day is recognized as a major milestone.

PART_1412540896854_Image1412540896838 Screenshot_2014-10-05-15-27-45

In less than 4 months, I will hit 25 years since my last treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Funny, it has taken this long, and in spite of everything else I have gone through in my life (not just the last two years), my body and I have defied the odds.  I am a long term cancer survivor.  No one can take that away from me.

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