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Why Paul’s Heart?

Why “Paul’s Heart” and why now?

I began “Paul’s Heart” as a step to writing a book, about what, I do not know.  As you can see, I am trying to keep all my options on this blog.  Perhaps, just as important, what I am trying to write about, is why?  I believe that some how, if I can reach even just one person who has gone through similar an experience like I have, or perhaps even inspired by someone who has had to deal with for so much.

But what if that person has no way to express how he or she feels.  I am hoping that this blog does just that, give everyone a voice.  By recognizing me and my limitations, they know that they will take care of us all.  I am laying it all out there.  It is a huge risk on my part because of employment, insurance, and just plain mean people.

However I am hoping that if that time should ever come that my health issues result in a bad judgment against me, as long as my blog has helped one person, then “Paul’s Heart” has been worth it to me.  If you are that one person, I am willing to be your voice.  I am willing to stand by you and help you find the care that you need.  I am willing to offer genuine encouragement and tell you it is okay when you do not want it.

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9 thoughts on “Why Paul’s Heart?

  1. You’ve helped me somewhat. Just seeing that you have had similar issues as I after similar treatments at similar dates is somehow a comfort. A comfort in that maybe I am not a hypochondriac.

    I saw a pulmonologist today. After telling her that I had an ache in my left leg the day before my extreme SOB episodes started she asked me a ton of questions and then immediately sent me for an ultrasound of the leg and a red dye CT scan of my heart/lungs. She suspected that I had a small blood clot in my leg 6 weeks ago that could have moved to my lung causing the SOB! I’m feeling 75% better the last 3 or 4 days after the horrible SOB of the previous 6 weeks…stairs are no longer a problem. Dr. Khalil feels that this could be due to the clot issue being healed… The clot gone to wherever old clots go. She seemed angry that my other health professionals didn’t diagnose or suspect the possibility of this 4 or 5 or 6 weeks ago. My leg ultrasound showed no clots anymore but I don’t know if the CT showed anything yet. Of course she’s just doing due diligence. The SOB may have nothing to do with clots and I may not have had a clot. I have had clots on two occasions before and am on blood thinners. I see a Cardiologist tomorrow. The hospital cardiac clinic Nurse Practitioner had me take a non red dye CT one week earlier. My pulmonologist was frustrated that she hadn’t booked a red dye CT. Two CTs a week apart concerned me but I remembered you saying that with all the radiation we’ve had what difference does a CT scan make

    • Greg, it is always so hard to see one of us be referred to as a hypochondriac. It is even more difficult if thoughtless comments on that level come from family. The SOB issues can be related to anything, but I would ask if you’ve ever gone through a full PFT (pulmonary function test). For the most part, my SOB is “climate” related and occasionally stress related (like walking up an incline). But my attack last week, I could not get my breathing controlled, and the extra symptoms convinced me something was wrong.

      I’m glad you’re feeling better and understand all too well that your doctor has his frustration.

      I do want to set the record straight Greg, though I do think as you stated, what difference does a little more radiation make, my main doctor for late effects tells me “a lot”. Common sense tells me that his is right. But, if they are watching a spot on my lung, and a CT is the only way to catch if it turns to cancer, and of course catching lung cancer early is critical, then that is a risk I am willing to take. So I do stand by the comment, just want to add, I don’t recommend that way of thought for anybody else.

      • Well I figured if the Dr. felt that another CT was so important as to get it done immedately (within hours) of seeing her that it was very important. There are usually long waiting lists here in Canada. Months

      • Do you have to go through referrals and approvals? Why such a long wait?

      • yup. need referral but they keep spots open for emergency scans. I guess I was an emergency. My gut feeling is that there wasn’t a clot but it’s important to be sure. I had one in my leg years ago and one between my pacemaker and my heart 2 years ago.

      • Someone very close to me, not at liberty to mention who just yet, was dealing with a cold that kept coming back for the last five months. He got mad because his doctor ordered a CT scan, which didn’t make sense for a chronic cold, he’s been diagnosed with lung cancer. Hopefully, since he didn’t have symptoms yet, this means that it was caught early enough. But I am definitely appreciative for those moments when something doesn’t make sense, but a doctor orders it anyway, and as if some sort of sign, something else is caught that otherwise would have gone undiagnosed, especially with our other issues.

      • CT scan results: no clots…and nothing else (tumors). Cardiologist doesn’t know the cause of the SOB. Could be a virus, a clot that has now dissolved, an allergic reaction to a drug, the weather (this is the damp pacific northwest…Vancouver…just north of your Seahawks)… whatever. I’m better for now…back to work. I guess we have to just roll with the punches and keep getting up off the mat.

        Thanks for listening Paul and good luck
        I’ll keep reading your blog

  2. Paul, I am usually fairly articulate, but for some reason have trouble expressing myself about my personal struggles. This blog is such an inspiration to me, and I know it must be helpful to many, not just one.

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