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Why Paul’s Heart?

Why “Paul’s Heart” and why now?

I began “Paul’s Heart” as a step to writing a book, about what, I do not know.  As you can see, I am trying to keep all my options on this blog.  Perhaps, just as important, what I am trying to write about, is why?  I believe that some how, if I can reach even just one person who has gone through similar an experience like I have, or perhaps even inspired by someone who has had to deal with for so much.

But what if that person has no way to express how he or she feels.  I am hoping that this blog does just that, give everyone a voice.  By recognizing me and my limitations, they know that they will take care of us all.  I am laying it all out there.  It is a huge risk on my part because of employment, insurance, and just plain mean people.

However I am hoping that if that time should ever come that my health issues result in a bad judgment against me, as long as my blog has helped one person, then “Paul’s Heart” has been worth it to me.  If you are that one person, I am willing to be your voice.  I am willing to stand by you and help you find the care that you need.  I am willing to offer genuine encouragement and tell you it is okay when you do not want it.

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