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The Need To Vote


I stay away from politics for the same reason I stay away from discussing religion.  It does not matter if I am having conversations with friends, or writing posts.  We would all just be better if we kept our beliefs and politics to ourselves, and not force them onto each other.

But clearly, this presidential election has been so extreme.  There is so much on the line, no matter who you are voting for.  And that is just it, you must vote for your voice to count.  If you are silent, you have no right to say anything for the next 4 years about your dissatisfaction with how the greatest country in the world is being run.

But you need to do more than just vote.  You need to be informed.  Being informed not only means learning the issues that are important to you, but to the country as well.  Being informed means knowing your rights to vote without being harassed or intimidated.  If you are a registered voter, whether a college student, a minority, or a retiree, every vote will count for this election.

There will be those who vote against a candidate just for the sake of voting against.  There will be those that actually support the candidate that they will vote for.  There will be some who agree with every issue of their candidate’s position, and there are those who will vote on a single item that is personal to them.  And to be honest, that is how I am actually deciding my vote, on one single item.

By the end of the day, with all the votes cast, almost as important as the election process itself, will be the day, and the days after.  A lot of rhetoric has been shouted.  A lot of accusations have been made.  Friendships and relationships have been shattered over the span of this election cycle.  As a country, we need to begin to heal, so that  as we look to the election of 2020, we prevent the hostility and negativity that surrounded and clouded this election cycle.

And I get to say this, because I voted.  Make your vote count.  Make your voice heard.  Let us begin to heal.

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