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When You Get A Minute

It’s usually never a good thing when you get a call and it goes, “when you get a minute, can you stop by my office.”  Whether it was the school principal, your boss, even sometimes a spouse, the phrase “when you get a minute” is actually not what the person means.  It means you are going to be asked to “have a seat”, and probably some stalling to get to the point.

There are physiological and emotional reactions when you get that call.  If it was for the principal at school, it was like walking the “Green Mile” to get to that office.  Even if completely innocent, just the fact that you are being called makes your heart sink, perhaps your breathing to increase in rate.

If it was good news, most times, that comes right out, never “when you get a minute”.  Unless of course it is a surprise, like in a party, not termination or suspension.

Being in a union, a meeting “when I get a minute” is usually accompanied with, “you may want a shop steward” (representation).  Fortunately, for me, that just means that my supervisor knows that we both need that second set of ears.  I have a mind like a steel trap when I am put on the defensive and I want to make sure that at least one other person has heard what was said.  The other side likes the ears just in case I say something wrong, that my steward also heard what I said to their benefit.

Today, fortunately is not one of those days.  I got one of those phone calls, and though it did mean more than a minute, the news was encouraging.  Today I get to breath a little easier.  Unfortunately, I do not get to do that, or enjoy that break for too long.  If you have been reading my blog long enough, you already know that.

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