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February 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary Wendy.

It is our 11th Wedding Anniversary today.  The average married couple if they remembered their anniversary would probably exchange a gift or two, giving a card, a dinner, and perhaps a little personal time.  It was sort of supposed to go that way today, even though it was going to be spent in Manhattan at Sloan Kettering Memorial for yet another consult.

It did not go as planned as our youngest came down with a seasonal bug, so Wendy stayed behind to care for her, and I made the road trip alone.  After two years, I am fine tuning my travel trying to find the most efficient means of travel yet being fiscally aware.  Today I drove to Hamiliton, NJ and got the train into NYC and back.  This shaved about an hour each way off of my travel time.

I am not sure what the issue that is getting the main attention right now.  Though the latest chest xray says that my latest bout with pneumonia is over, I still feel like crap.  An email from one of my doctors informs me that I still have only half the immunity against pneumonia in spite of my latest bout.  That unfortunately will mean more vaccines.  Yuk!!  In fact, as some new thing is taking over, I am wondering is it going to develop into pneumonia.

I arrived home early enough to take Wendy and the girls out to dinner, try and salvage our anniversary.  Unfortunately, each year seems to bring more and more health challenges to me, and each year, I must fight harder and harder to show that I am still a functioning human being.  The next couple of days do not bode well for me keeping things romanticly entangled as I was out campaigning for our local school board the next day, the Super Bowl on Sunday, and then her birthday on the 4th.  The next day I am to have another test, a barrium swallow to confirm the need to do an endoscopy which would be done with a colonoscopy, hey!, just in time for Valentine’s Day complete with overnight accomodations in NYC.  Romantic indeed.

Such as the life of a long term cancer survivor.

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