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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers, And More Numbers

If there is one thing that cannot be refuted or denied, it is numbers.  And as it turns out, that is one of the comments made about my prior post.  One of the first responses I received was, “why don’t you talk about the recoveries?”, a common war cry to counter the constant attention drawn to the total cases, and worse, death tolls of the Corona Virus.

So I will make this a short post, and keep it just about the numbers as of April 15, 2020 (according to

Total Corona Virus cases in the US:  624,893

Total Deaths in the US:  27,771

Total Recovered From Corona Virus:  47,715

Total US population:  331,002,651 (that’s 331 million for short)

Total Of US population still uninfected or immune to Corona Virus:  330,377,758

If the numbers are still too scary, perhaps if we put them in the form of a percentage, we might be able to see the rainbows and unicorns.

Death rate of US Corona Virus cases:  4.4%

Recovery rate of US Corona Virus cases:  7.5%

Current cases of Corona Virus in the US unresolved yet:  90.5%  (567,407)

Population of the US still not infected or immune to Corona Virus:  99.8%

These are all the current numbers as of 3:55pm, April 15, 2020.  I ask for apologies for not making such a big deal about the number of recoveries.  The number of recoveries are certainly encouraging, well, not so much the number, because it is so small in number compared to the overall population, but percentage wise, if, were were to just assume the current death and survival rates, having to assume that everyone in our country will have a chance at being infected as there is no vaccine, too many still refuse to follow CDC guidelines, and the monstrous push to return our society to normal:

Assumed survival of the population of the US after infection or immunity of Corona virus at 95.6%:  316,438,534

Assumed deaths of the population of the US after infection or immunity of Corona virus at 4.4%:  14,564,116

Sure it is nice to talk about the recoveries, and there will be many, the majority in fact.  But how many deaths is too many?  Especially if we still have the chance to prevent those deaths.  And the only way to prevent them, is to not deny the potential what is already a catastrophic loss.

Let the scientists do their job.  Please, let our leaders follow the advice of the scientists that know what they are talking about, and how to get there.  And maybe, just maybe, not just the recovery numbers will be higher, but more importantly, those infected will be much lower.  But this is not something we can afford to rush or force.

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