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Kind Kimbra

Yesterday, I was informed of the passing of a fellow long term Hodgkin’s survivor, Kimbra.  She was younger than I am, but Kimbra was actually someone that I looked up to, because she had survived Hodgkin’s a bit longer than me.  Kimbra was also a dedicated reader of “Paul’s Heart”, frequently offering comments and suggestions on the many posts that I had written over the years.

The one thing that was always, and I mean ALWAYS consistent about Kimbra, was her kindness, and her encouragement.  Whether replying to my blog, or personally, she always acknowledged any pain I may have been experiencing at a particular time, then followed it up with reminders of internal strength that had gotten me through previous issues.

And it was not just me that Kimbra was like that with her kindness.  As I passed along the information of Kimbra’s passing to various peer groups that we belonged to mutually, the outpouring of grief among kindness proves just how much someone who really was not about herself and her needs and issues, but being there for others in their times of need.  Here are just some of the ways Kimbra has been described by those who were blessed to know her:

“enjoyed communicating with her and learning from her”

“fought a good fight and her words and deeds will be define her life”

“she was a bright light”

“kind and generous”

“a beautiful person who shared her knowledge and experiences”

“a giver of knowledge and seeker of light”

If I were to describe how I knew Kimbra, I soon found out just how wrong I was after reading the many words of condolences.  It was not that she was just private, she was humble.  She always seemed to feel that others situations were worse than her own.  I remember the many conversations thinking how selfish I may have been taking up so much of her time working through a survivor issue, when in reality, her selflessness, she reached out to as many as she was possibly able.  Many other survivors have relayed stories of support that they had gotten from Kimbra.

Kimbra will indeed be missed by many, not just her fellow cancer survivors, but her loving husband and family, and the many friends and parishoners of her faith that actually got to spend so much time with her.  Too short a time on this earth, but so much she gave to all of us.

Too young.  Too soon.


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