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The two greatest blessings in my life occurred when I became a father.

I was supposed to spend this passed weekend with my daughters celebrating my older daughter’s “final” birthday of her childhood.  Of course, with my health concerns, putting me at a high risk of complications from the crisis our country is dealing with right now, those plans had to be cancelled.

A slight irony, is that when she was adopted, the world was dealing with a SARS type virus (just as this Corona Virus is a SARS virus).  That episode back in 2004, caused a delay in the adoption process which actually caused a “surprise” birthday party, in Hong Kong.  We went from being concerned of missing her first birthday, to the rapid response and dealing with SARS, to celebrating her birthday, with her fellow adoptive “siblings” and their families.  Sadly this time, a SARS virus has kept us apart.

She had several nicknames, but one that I told her she would always be, “my little ting ting”, a reference to one of her original Chinese names, referring to a graceful swan.

The most amazing thing about being her father, has been watching her grow.  To actually see the influences that I have had on her through her formative years, she still carries with her today.  There is so much that she has done on her own as well.  Look out world, she is coming for you.

Fun.  Intelligent.  Full of surprise.  Empathetic.  A loyal friend.  Respectful.  Determined.  Loving.  Talented.

I cannot believe it.  The next birthday I get to celebrate with her, will be her first as an adult.  Where did the time go?  As I peruse through all the photos that I have taken of both of my daughters, I see all the blessings and time that have passed.  At the same token, it has just gone by, way too quickly.

I wish I could be with her, and she knows that.  But we both know it is safer for me where I am at because of my health.  My attention will be directed to another important date with her, Father’s Day.  Hopefully by then, the danger of this crisis will have passed.

Happy Birthday Madison, forever my “ting ting.”

Love, Daddy

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