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Getting Through This Crisis Called Corona Virus

The recommendation from the Center For Disease Control (CDC) is really quite simple.  All they recommended, was for us to minimize contact with each other, self-isolate or social distance each other, for a period of fifteen days.  It did not seem like an over burdensome thing to ask, given the potential severity of the Corona Virus crisis.  After all, many time away from others through vacations and other trips, voluntarily.  But this was being recommended.

For the most part, only astronauts and scientists are the ones most frequently performing this act of socially being isolated.  In fact, they train for this.  Others, those with serious illnesses such as cancer and auto-immune diseases, are often forced to stay away from others.  In either case, we do what we have to.

Unlike astronauts and scientists, cancer patients, etc., who endure many months of isolation, having to kill time and loneliness, we are only being asked to do fifteen days.  It should not be so hard.  At least it should not be.  I mentioned before how I dealt with this necessary, and sometimes unfortunate behavior.  The bottom line is I always got through.

So, how am I doing it as a “healthy” person, a non-scientist, definitely not an astronaut?


I am a bit of a hypocrite with this one.  Because of my health issues, I do spend time looking for information, as it will help to protect myself with this crisis as I am one of the more vulnerable people.  It is just, when you are on-line, one thing you are likely to see… others not following the social distancing guidelines.  And this is guaranteed to make you go crazy, perhaps in anger.  After all, you are following the rules, but they are not.

Then, there is also information overload.  I try to keep this to a minimum, so as not to get overwhelmed.  I rely on facts, not hopes and opinions.  And as long as the numbers continue to climb, the risk of me developing this, increases as well, and I must continue to be even more aware.


With a variety of video streaming services, there is no shortage of things to view from documentaries, concerts, movies, and some very interesting series.  I will say though, it would be nice if Umbrella Academy, Ozark, Stranger Things and others would come out with their new seasons.  This might help some stay inside.


Play it.  Listen to it.  Write it.  Sing it.  Enjoy it.  No matter how you do it, I am certain that you have a variety of media options to enjoy some cool tunes.


Between my laptop and a huge tote of hard copy photographs, I spend a lot of time looking at old memories.  This also helps me with another issue, as I am currently geographically separated from my daughters, so these memories help keep them fresh in my mind.


My laptop is over fifteen years old.  In other words, there is a lot of old “memory” that I could probably eliminate to help extend the life of my old computer.

Also, as I do with this blog, there are also other projects that I have been working on.

This is also a good time to reach out to old friends, if not by email, by phone.

We can all get through this period.  The more that comply with the recommendations, the sooner it has a chance to resolve.  Hopefully these ideas will help sparks other suggestions to help.

As always, I wish you health and safety during this difficult time.

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