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World Cancer Day 2015


After 24, years, and 11 months, my website is on its day-to-day countdown to a very important day for me.  But today is a big day on its own.  Today is World Cancer Day.

Please, today, take a moment to think about someone you know, battling this awful disease.  Call them up on the telephone and just say “hi” and let them know that you are thinking about them.  If you are friends with someone on FB or some other social media site, send them a message or inspirational photo to give them a boost that might just be what is needed at that moment.

If you have lost someone to cancer, spend a silent moment, thought, or prayer for the one that you mourn.

Today is also a good day to start thinking about what you might be able to make a difference in the world of cancer.  The Relay For Life, Light The Night, Susan Komen breast cancer walk, and all of the other fundraisers are just some examples of how you can make a difference.

I am approaching my 25th anniversary of the completion of my treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  There are so many out there still fighting, and I have lost too many.  But when I think about cancer, it is not just Hodgkin’s that has affected my life, but all cancers.

I cannot possibly name everyone that I am thinking about on this day.  But there is one person that I want to recognize.  And it is because of her attitude and belief that not only got her through her journey with cancer, but it is her fighting spirit that is going to get her through yet another major life challenge, recovering from a horrific car accident.  She has some major hurdles to overcome, but Kristi, if anyone can get through this, I know that you can.  You have such a strong family, strong faith, and strong spirit.  On this day Kristi, I am taking everything that I know about you, your battles with cancer and survival, and sending as many thought and prayers for nothing less than a 100% recovery.

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