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A Bigger Disappointment

If you have been following recent posts by me, you know who I was routing for in this year’s Super Bowl.  And by now, the results are in, the Seattle Seahawks lost the game to the New England Patriots.  What you may not know, is that I am pretty much okay with the end result.  Sure it is nice to have your favorite team play for a championship, and yes, even nicer if your team wins.  But let us be real, how boring would the NFL be if it were to send the same teams to the big game year after year after year.  There are way more other teams that have not won the big game.  But for my favorite team, they did have their year last year, so I will not be greedy.

But admittedly, I did have hopes that the game would turn out in Seattle’s favor.  But some very odd plays at the very end of the game, combined with what nearly all watching the game (routing for either team) felt was the most unusual call to make on a play that would definitely decide the result, pale in comparison to a comment that I overheard today.

I am not one to sit and listen to talk radio as normally comments made by the hosts are almost always going to be one sided, directed by the credos of either major political party.  So because of conversations like that, when I have a choice, I listen only to music.  But today, unfortunately I was in a situation that left me trapped for about five minutes listening to the most vile, bigoted, and hateful conversation being broadcast over someone’s radio.

It is a shame that in the 21st century that I am even going to say that I was witness to the filth that came out from one of the biggest bigots this country knows.  And only because I believe in freedom of speech, I have to accept his rights to spew his hateful garbage.

I am referring to Rush Limbaugh.  In my life, I am only vaguely familiar with who he is, as my stepfather unfortunately liked to listen to him while occasionally driving me to school.  One of the things I disagreed with my stepfather was his “influences” of which Limbaugh and a cartoonish buffoon by the name of Morton Downey, Jr. (just think a political version of Jerry Springer).

It seems not much has changed for Limbaugh since then.  I know that he has had some image issues over the years, and honestly he has brought them on himself.  Reading news clips that include him, in my opinion, I would consider him a bigot, a pig, a real jackass.  Today, I confirmed it.

On this person’s radio, Limbaugh was talking about his propaganda topics of the day, and then turned his ire towards of all things, the Seattle Seahawks.  Normally the putz is usually after the President of the United States, women’s rights, or racism.  What could this jerk obviously have to say about my favorite football team other than perhaps that he lost in his office pool.

I am going to paraphrase the next part, because I did not have a pen to notate his exact words, so this is all from memory.  Limbaugh claimed that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl because of racism.  And here was his proof.  The decision to pass the football in an obvious run situation by the best running back in football currently, was because the quarterback, Russell Wilson, is a lighter skin color of black, than the player who had the best chance to win the game, who was a darker tone of black skin color.  Then also made reference to the character of the lighter colored player versus the darker skinned player.

Seriously, I cannot believe that anyone listens to this ass, but sadly I can confirm at least two people were indeed listening to his trash.  Worse, these individuals most likely believe what he was saying.

I do not agree with the decision made by the Seahawks to pass on that particular down.  But as I sit on this side of the television screen, it is not up to me.  But I also know, during that final minute, there were at least two other scenarios that could have made the game come out, still in the Seahawks favor.  But at no time, EVER you bigoted jerk, did race ever have anything to do with the result of the game.  Your comments show your true color, and in spite of the right of freedom of speech, your comments show there is still so much to improve when it comes to race relations and your comments not only show your ignorance, but also turn the clocks back every time you open your mouth.


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