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Yet Another Anniversary

It was February 6th, 2006 when my youngest daughter was placed in my arms.

DSC02492 DSC02459

My oldest daughter was now a big sister, and together, they have grown to be the best of friends, aside from typical sibling issues.


If there is one thing better than the memories I have had having one daughter, having triple the memories of two daughters as both individuals, and together as siblings has been the greatest blessing in my life.  I enjoy being their father, and though circumstances have changed leaving us to be apart, I get to speak and see them both every night, and then times that we do get to be together are filled with catching up, and making new memories.

We never run out of things to talk about, the past, and now, the appearance of “interest” in boys is beginning.  Birthdays are coming up very soon, as my oldest likes to remind me and while one will be one more year closer to teenage years…


my youngest will be heading into the double digits.

20140615_160844 20140413_092254 DSC03176 att_1406000512661186

I love both of you and I miss you so much.

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