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Happily Ever… Not So Fast. The Story Is Far From Over.

I got to start my Monday off in one of the best ways possible this morning. A post from a fellow long term cancer survivor came across my feed this morning. She was marking her major milestone of TEN YEARS IN REMISSION from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Her name is Stephanie. I have shared her story and the various stages of her survivorship in past stories. You can see them, as well as her original story, at the links below:

Stephanie’s story is one of true miracles and inspiration. I have known her for most of her journey as well as other members of her family. As cancer survivors, we know the cancer fight is not easy, and emotionally, life after cancer, can be especially difficult. But through it all, like so many others, Stephanie has just written and re-written her story, new chapter after new chapter, and like a good book, leaving us wanting more.

Now along for this ride, Stephanie has a son that she gave birth to over two years ago. And if you think Stephanie’s smile is infectious, his smile is just as radiant, and never stops. Not only do I get to see her survivorship, but also watching this young man grow into someone special himself.

Ten years is a big deal in cancer survivorship. This morning, I asked her how old she was when she was diagnosed, and I realized that I have a daughter that is her age at the time she was diagnosed. I know Stephanie’s mother very well, and saw all the struggles they went through as a family. Stephanie had amazing support through it all.

Stephanie has watched my daughters grow, so she has an inkling what her future holds in store for her. And it is definitely a great future. There will come a day when her son hears the fight that his mother went through, and why she is one of the strongest people he will ever know.

Stephanie, ten years is still just the beginning of what is ahead for you. There are so many memories waiting twenty, thirty, forty, and yes, fifty years from now. May your life continue to be blessed and your survivorship thrive.

And as I always say, “as I continue down the road of remission, I will keep looking in my rear view mirror to make sure that you are still following me.”

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