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The Day That Started It All

It is a feeling I will never forget, the day my oldest daughter was placed in my arms.  The date was already a special date for me, as it was my late grandfather’s birthday, March 14th.

The news had come just two weeks prior, that travel had been moved up by three days, meaning I would arrive in China on March 13th.  I was told, I would be meeting my daughter the next day.  Get some sleep.

Besides being a male and the obvious biological differences, I have no idea about what it is like to experience the entire birth process from start to finish.  But when asked, “how did it feel when she was placed in your arms for the first time?”, I remember responding, “like giving birth.”  Though I had no idea as I said what childbirth was like physically, emotionally, I would think the exact moment of becoming a parent, by birth or adoption, rival each other in emotion.

I knew one thing for sure, my world changed at that very moment when she looked up at me, and nothing else would matter any more.  Within five minutes, with that unconditional love I felt from her for the first time in my life, I knew that I would want to adopt again.  And two years later, along came my younger daughter.  And yes, the feelings of joy were the same.

These anniversaries that I recognize with my daughters are as important to me as their birthdays.  Even more significant this time, it is likely the last one I will get to celebrate with her in person for a while.  Each year however, I will always remember what this date means to us.


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