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What Drives Me

I was asked, if I could in just one word, describe what drives me.  I am going one better… no words.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

“LIMA” Update

Every now and then, I have a post that validates why I began writing “Paul’s Heart” years ago.  My blog is about helping and advocating for several causes that have personally impacted me over the years, from cancer to survivorship, adoption, and divorce issues (in particular parent rights).

The other day I wrote about a procedure called “LIMA”, known as the Left Internal Mammary Artery, often used during heart bypasses, as was in my case.  Over a decade later, a symptom that I have had since my bypass, and occasionally and spontaneously pops up, and undiagnosable, had finally been explained to me as a very likely possibility, as a “LIMA attack” or as my cardiac nurse also described it, a “lightning strike.”

It turns out, I am not the only one who has not only gone through a LIMA bypass, but also has these attacks, and they, also not able to have these attacks explained to them.  I had more than a dozen readers/survivors who experience these same issues.

Having this “new” knowledge, I will be having a discussion with my cardiologist, as well as primary care doctor, for their input on these attacks, and what they feel if and how it could affect me.  Please know, as I always do, I will share that discussion with you when it happens.

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