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“Sick” Of Selfies?


Perhaps nothing causes greater criticism than someone who posts a “selfie” and explaining that they are dealing with an illness.  Many people, get frustrated enough, that they take the action and “unfriend” someone just because they do not want to see posts that relate to someone being sick.  And while, posting every blink of an eye or sneeze may seem like way too much information, there just might be a benefit to someone who posts about a medical issue they are currently dealing with.  And I should know, because there was a time that I did not have social media during one of my critical health periods, being diagnosed with cancer, and 26 years later, dealing with late side effects from the treatments that medicine did not prepare for, as survivors were not supposed to live long enough to develop any.

No one has posted more personal stuff about medical history on line, than me.  I think that is a pretty safe bet.  And yes, I have made people cringe, unfriend me, stop talking to me completely.  But I have also had overwhelming responses, a growth in the number of people who understand me, and even more of a blessing, learning that there are others who are in similar situations like me.

There are a couple of reasons that I post certain things on social media.  And yes, admittedly, there are times that those posts come back to bite me in the ass because there are those with horrible intentions, trying to use this information against me.  There are laws supposedly in place to protect me from discrimination, but come on, let us be real, there are ways around them and we know that.  So then, why expose myself to the negative ramifications of revealing issues concerning my health?

Well, the first thing I need to express is, I do not do it for pity or attention.  To be honest, both of those are the last things I need when I am dealing with a crisis.  I have always claimed that anything I post, I do it so that others who are going through similar crisis or struggling with issues, might just see that they are not alone.  Also, there are times that I myself am looking for answers, or even seeing that someone who has gotten through similar problems has overcome those struggles.

But now it is being reported scientifically, the benefits to “sharing” information on social media.  Now, it should also be stated, once you go public with anything, it is out there forever.  If you are like me, I do not post anything I am ashamed of, and I clearly know that some of the things that I post, will be used against me as some point of my life.  But my moral compass requires me for the benefit of the good that comes from my posts, to publish many of my commentary.  Not to mention, there is clearly a therapeutic value to putting your feelings into words.

Look, I will never discover a cure for anything, and I am pretty sure I will not have an opportunity to enter a burning building to rescue someone.  But if my experiences helps to inspire someone to fight harder by knowing they are not alone, then I can live with that.

The need to post on social media needs to be seen as the helpful tool that it can be.  To share information, to guide for assistance, and to show that a person does not need to struggle alone.

You can find an article referring to this issue at the link below:

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