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Crossing A Line

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me
And I have no privacy
Woh, I always feel like somebody’s watching me
Who’s playing tricks on me?
Tell me who’s watching
Oh, what a mess I wonder who’s watching me now.”

– Rockwell 1984


It hurts when a relationship ends.  And it can be on any level from a boyfriend/girlfriend status, or marriage.  Many find themselves able to move on, many cannot.  Some no longer have any ties to their ex, others face familial or business arrangements forcing hostile cooperation.

But what happens when one person just does not want to let go, that one person either wants to keep a flame burning, or completely destroy the one who broke their heart?  Any time a relationship ends, there will always be questions about why, what could have been, or what next.  Depending on the level of commitment, will determine the level of support needed to get through this period.

A relationship that ends will hopefully lead to something more positive.  But for others, a darker path gets crossed.

Simple communications such as emails and texts with other motives than those expressed, can cross a fine line.  There is a huge difference between the legality of free speech, if you feel threatened or harassed by the communications.  Sending unwanted emails, texts, or other mail, collecting information, spying, or “trolling” the internet, spreading rumors or misrepresenting facts and assumptions are all illegal acts because they are meant to intimidate and harass.

But if you do not give the perpetrator the response that they are looking for, that is when the legal authorities need to be involved before emotions and actions escalate any further, possibly violent.  There is no room to assume things will not get worse if you see this behavior and it is for the benefit, yes, benefit, for both individuals at that point to have the legal authorities involved.

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