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Super Bowl Eve

I have been a diehard Seattle Seahawk fan nearly forever.  I have put up with so many losing seasons, so many years without playoff games.  That is not to say that there have not been years that the Seahawks did not do well, it just did not happen that often.

In the first hint of an improvement in the team, came one fateful day when the Seahawks would face the Green Bay Packers for the NFC championship on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.  It was a good game, championship caliber, until regulation ended, and Seattle’s quarterback decided to pull a “Joe Namath” and during the coin toss, instead of just calling the side of coin, decided to add, “because we’re going to win.”  Unlike Broadway Joe who actually won his game that he bragged about, Matt Hasselback threw an interception to a Packer that scored the winning points.

But in 2006, magic and consistency developed for the Seahawks.  So much so, I had a gut feeling that it was going to be their year.  Unlike the boast made by the former quarterback, I had something else to be the deciding factor of the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl, Murphy’s Law.

I was due to travel to China to adopt my youngest daughter.  And as the timing drew near, my fears would come true.  There was a good chance that I would not get to watch the Super Bowl not only for the first time in my life, but the Seahawks would actually be in the Super Bowl.  I even joked with a friend that he should “bet his house” on the Seahawks beating the St. Louis Rams for the NFC championship.  “I am telling you, the Seahawks are going to win the NFC championship, and go to the Super Bowl, and I will not get to see it because I will be flying to China.

The Seahawks beat the Rams to go to the Super Bowl.  And I was flying over the North Pole during kick-off.  When I landed in Hong Kong, I called my father to let him know that we had landed, my father, who knew as much about football and I did about Nascar (he may have known the color of a football, and I knew cars went around in circles).  My father broke the news to me that it was good that I did not get to see the game and then began to rattle off one statistic after another, clearly he was paying attention to the announcers.  But the Seahawks had lost to the Pittsburg Steelers.

And so, with a 13 hour time difference, Emmalie was placed in my arms later that Super Bowl Sunday.


I never did get to see the game.  I had DVRed the game, but technology combined with my desire to record the game in HD… memory had been filled during the two weeks we were gone, and the Super Bowl, being the oldest program, was deleted from the memory.


But every year, I would get my daughters into the Seahawk spirit to route along with Daddy, and cheer on the Seahawks.

So last year, should have been the year that I finally got to enjoy the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl with a rising star at quarterback.  I had been planning on hosting a Super Bowl party, but had decided against it, as I was in the middle of my divorce, and instead watched the Seahawks dismantle the Denver Broncos for their first Super Bowl Championship from my laptop.

Here we are, the Seahawks have the chance to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, the first time since it was done last, by the opponents they face tomorrow, the New England Patriots.  All controversies aside, all I want to see is a good game.  I wish my daughters were here with me to see it, but I will be surrounded by friends who remind every day, that my daughters are always with me, in my heart.  This time of year always means more to me than just a game.

My pick… Seattle 24    New England 20

Super Baby – Part 2

It appears that I am not going to have to wait another thirty years to see my football team get to the Super Bowl. Last night, my Seattle Seahawks defeated the division rivals the San Francisco 49ers to advance to the greatest show on earth. Of course, this similar scenario took place eight years ago.

During the 2005 football season, the Seahawks were catching everyone by surprise. Even more of a surprise was that they were advancing deep into the playoffs. At the same time, another major event in my life had been advancing. I was deep into the process of adopting my second daughter, Emmalie.

You probably have co-workers that operate football pools or bet on the games, and I was no different. I stayed away from them, because I am a much better fan than a gambler. However, January 2006 was different. I had a bravado that had me making statements like “Put your house on Seattle”. I actually told a co-worker, a very serious better with football, to bet his house. Of course, he looked at me like I was crazy. But I was very serious.

If you have followed me a long time, or even just begun, you can see I do not really have the greatest of luck (though it is beginning to turn around). In my past, anything good that happened to me, always ended up underminded, a cruel Murphy’s Law trick.

My paperwork from China for Emmalie was on its way from China, meaning that I would be travelling soon. Though the Super Bowl was three weeks away, I had to prepare myself, that if the Seahawks were to get to the Super Bowl in 2006, no, they were going to get to the Super Bowl in 2006, I was not going to be able to be here to watch the game. Although clearly, I was much more eager to meet my youngest daughter. Conflicted, but eager.

I told my co-worker to bet everything he had, including his house, that the Seahawks would beat the St. Louis Rams (another division rival) in the NFC Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl. And then I explained why. Of course he looked at me as if I were three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket. But I stood firm. Unfortunately for him, he did not share my confidence. I do not know how much he had wagered, but clearly he did not win his full potential.

As expected, the Seahawks won and advanced to the Super Bowl on February 6, 2008. As expected, I got my notice that I would be travelling to China to adopt the newest addition to my family, Emmalie on February 9th. But at least I would get to the my team for the first time in its history, play in the Super Bowl.

I received a telephone call just a week before February 4th. It was the adoption agency. “Mr. Edelman, I’m happy to tell you that your travel date has been moved up to February 6th.” That was great news! I would get to hold Emmalie sooner. Then it hit me, that was Super Bowl Sunday. Oh well, I would just have to rely on the DVR, because big sister Madison and I were too anxious to travel to China to bring Emmalie home.

There is one bad thing to the technology in 2006, memory usage. My DVR had been erased back to zero per cent used, so I had plenty of space to record the game. What I had not been counting on, was that my ex was taping all of her soap operas while we were gone. Of course I had to record the Super Bowl in high def which would take up more memory, but look great. BUt unfortunately, when the memory maxed out, the DVR would start to delete the oldest programs first. So, after two weeks of recording two soap operas every day, when we arrived home from China with Emmalie, though I already knew the results of the game from two weeks before, and being jet-lagged with the thirteen hour time difference, I still wanted to watch the game.

What game? Memory usage had pushed the oldest program off of the DVR, in other words, my Super Bowl. I never got to see it after all.

As we sat at the table last night, Emmalie and I had a conversation on how she and I were going to watch this year’s Super Bowl together. Even more strange, thanks to a childhood friend, even my oldest daughter is into football now. Although it is more because she heard of a football player with our last name (Julian Edelman of the Patriots).

It was an entertaining game, not pretty, but gutsy. But in two weeks, my Super Bowl baby, now eight, and my older daughter will sit down and watch the spectacle that I missed eight years ago. I have always enjoyed telling the story of the game that never was. That I was flying over the North Pole during the kickoff of my football team’s first Super Bowl appearance. But the eight years of memories being the father of two beautiful little girls… priceless.

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