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Hey Frontier Airlines! I Just Want You To Know…

Hey Frontier Airlines! I just want you to know… that you SUCK!

Oh, you do not have to worry about me thinking you care about the inconvenience you caused yesterday. The loss of time with my daughter yesterday and this weekend clearly is not your problem. But here is your problem. “Du bist mies” (German).

Forget the fact, that this was the second flight in a row that you have cancelled for me in a month and a half, after I had already checked in. You clearly knew the flight was going to be cancelled sooner, yet, it was not until my daughter was on her way to the airport, and a notification by Flight Aware, not you, Frontier Airlines, that the flight was cancelled. “Vous etes nuls” (French).

You never offer any explanation as to why the flights have been cancelled. This is quite arrogant of you. It is quite obvious why you do not offer explanations. If it were the weather, you could just say so. No one would ever blame a judgment call because of bad weather. But yesterday’s flight cancellation was not because of weather, though clearly weather did cause a great number of delays. Frontier Airline and Countour Airline (had never even heard of that one before) were the only ones to cancel flights. All other flights took off. It was not the weather. “Pesimo” (Spanish).

On average, your airline only has one flight to a destination per day. Why is it that you cannot even get just that one flight out when other airlines get multiple flights out, even if late? You will not say. “Jestes do bani” (Polish).

Do you remember that one flight that you lost my luggage in spite of your flight being non-stop? I do. There were about 30 of us at that airport, trying to find out what happened to the luggage that was loaded at the departing airport, but did not arrive. Your personnel offered no explanation other than “we are looking into it.” When it turned out, another passenger had a tracker turned on for a device in his checked bag (he must have experienced this before), he discovered that his luggage was indeed back at the departing airport. Why was he able to figure that out, but not your employee? And then, all your employee would offer, was that the luggage would be flown here “as soon as possible,” in spite of a second departing airplane from that same airport an hour later, refusing to guarantee the luggage would be placed on that plane. And why was the luggage bumped from the airplane in the first place? Was it true that “contracted cargo” bumped passenger luggage for space on the airplane? “Bena vagy” (Hungarian).

Even during the Covid-19 crisis, somehow you managed to operate more reliably than now, especially with the extra steps of disinfecting the planes and surveillance upon boarding. The government even gave your airline relief funds to help you survive the pandemic and restrictions by retaining your staff. But did you keep your staff? “Du suger” (Swedish).

The kicker? While you are forced to give refunds for flights that you cancel, it is hysterical that you offer a credit voucher for your “inconveniencing” me. So just because you think I have a low enough IQ, you want me, to schedule more flights with you, in spite of the frequency of cancellations, and you are going to bribe me with a $50 voucher (that cannot be exchanged for cash to say… purchase a ticket for another airline to get to my destination). You want to keep me hooked, for the possibility and the unreliability that the next flight could get cancelled as well? “Unasinya” (Swahili).

I would like to talk to you about a better way to resolve this issue, but there is no one to talk to in customer service. Customers are told to communicate via the Frontier app or on line. How convenient that this allows you to not subject an employ to the true impact of customers and the inconveniences caused by your airline by supplying what I feel are likely automated generated AI responses. At least gauging by the responses I got in return, the responses were computer generated. So there is no chance, any customer is going to be made whole for their inconvenience and losses because there is no one on the other end. “Fai schifo” (Italian).

There is an expression, “you get what you pay for.” And while no one expects a “discount” airline to be perfect, reliability should not be the thing that is discounted or eliminated. Sure, Frontier Airlines is not as bad as other airlines. I would not think that is a bar that your airline would want to strive to be. But you are getting there. “You suck!” (English).

You do not have to worry Frontier Airlines. I am not going any further with this. As an advocate, I have much more important things to fight for. A losing cause is not one of them. I feel your airline clearly does not care about its customers and customer service.

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