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Happy Siblings Day

Of anything that I have accomplished in life, nothing has more meaning to me, than being a father to both of my daughters.

Since the days they were placed in my arms, I did all that I could to nurture them, teach them, and inspire them to cherish and love each other. They often hear me tell them, “you are going to be best friends.”

Just as a younger sister would be expected, she looks up to her older sibling, not necessarily following in her footsteps, but learning from her. Will the things she sees be perfect? Not always. But that is what will form her own direction.

My daughters make a great team together. Whether it be playing a claw game, or some other arcade entertainment, or helping each other with a school assignment, they have learned early on, that they can rely on each other.

Not only do they have fun with each other, sometimes gut wrenching laughter, they remind me how much there is to enjoy in life. They have no issue with, or allowing themselves to be silly.

It has been one of the biggest blessings of my life to have the title of “Dad” to my daughters. I am amazed at all that they have done through the years, mostly with their own initiative, and know that whatever they put their mind to as adults, happening right now in fact, they will achieve it.

The next several years will be an adjustment for them, physically being apart from each other. Except for an occasional overnight or trip, this has never happened. But as I have already learned, technology gives us so many more opportunities to keep in touch than we had decades ago. These next few years will develop who they will be in the world. But forever, they will always be siblings, and yes, best friends.

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