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Too Young To Be That Angry

Almost every year, I hear of a story from one of my daughters of a fight that has occurred in their school. Last year, one of those fights made national attention because of the claim of racism, as the fight involved girls pulling the hijab of one of the combatants.

The fight that occurred recently, did not have the racist undertones, but did have something in common with the fight from last year, the amount of force it took to break up the fights. The fight that occurred last year, as it appeared the security guards had controlled both participants, until one broke loose. It should be mentioned, the fighters were both female, and the guards were easily larger in stature. Nonetheless, one broke loose, and once restrained again, continued to exhibit such force, attempting to break loose to return to her target.

The recent fight, also involving females students, took four teachers to subdue the one combatant. FOUR!

Forget the fact, that clearly the school and district will likely hand out severe punishments, possibly either suspensions or even expulsion, pending investigations. Depending on the ages involved, and the type of situation, the law could become involved, resulting in charges.

While it is not uncommon for kids to have differing opinions, disagreements, and altercations, how is it possible for any student to possess so much hatred and anger, requiring four adults to restrain and prevent a student from attacking another? I truly do not understand this. Of course, the first look needs to be directed at the home as this level of animosity is not taught in schools.

I want to say that I have been lucky, not to have received a call that either of my daughters had been involved in a fight. It is not because they are not capable, I assure you they are. My oldest defended her nationality (being Asian) when a 2nd grade racist in training made a clearly racist off-the-cuff comment on the bus ride home from school. While I do wish she handled herself a bit better (she gave the kid a deserved bloody nose), she would later carry herself as she always had, minding her own business. So, while one daughter is very cerebral in confrontations, the other has a strategy of Batman’s Joker (literally will laugh at you while it happens). But they have been taught to accept differences, and most importantly, never to throw the first punch. Neither looks to be involved in any kind of drama. Like I said, I consider myself lucky, but clearly, their records are of their own doing.

Soon I will no longer hear these stories in another year or two. But sad to realize, things have not improved in schools to prevent this level of hatred and anger from exploding into uncontrollable rage in the near forty years I was last in school.

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