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I must apologize.  I am clearly not going to get to my goal of “a post a day” for Lymphoma month.  For some unfortunate reasons, and for two very good reasons.

September has been an unusually difficult month for me emotionally, both from a personal level, and professional level.  I will not go into the personal level, but as a caregiver and friend to so many in the world of cancer, and a survivor myself, the passing of anyone, or the grief experienced by a caregiver that has shared experiences with me, does hit me hard.  But the fact is, this was the life that I chose when I decided that I wanted to “give back” to cancer.  I cannot donate blood, or body organs, so instead I offer support and advocacy.  I am blessed to have “Paul’s Heart” as a tool to do this task.

In recent weeks, two fellow long term survivors passed away, due to complications most likely related to their treatments so long ago, and perhaps other issues as well.  And it was not so much the patient that I shared time with, as much as their caregivers, and I share my grief in their losses, because I know how much they hurt.

But I am also working on two big projects.  One is a bitter-sweet project, which all I will divulge for now, I hope to have published on “Paul’s Heart” in the next few weeks.  It is exciting news for current and future patients, of not just Hodgkin’s Disease, but possibly other cancers as well.  It is bitter sweet, because the story is being written at the expense of so many who have passed or struggled with their survivorship, looking for answers, many not finding any.

The other project I am working on, is taking “Paul’s Heart” to Youtube or some other form of media.  I am not a big fan of the camera, so this is going to be a challenge for me.

So, I will be back real soon, with some more posts.  I appreciate your patients, and support.



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