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The Coward, The Troll, The Bully, The Monster, The Loser

Yep, pretty sure I have described you as well as I could.  Did I leave anything out?

Sorry folks.  Need to address someone personally, and well, since the individual is a coward, and refuses to come out from the shadows to face me human to human, well… here is why I am doing this post.

For years, I have put myself out publicly, to be both a resource and for support, for those who face challenges in life, similar to what I have gone through.  I will admit, this has also been therapeutic for me as well, because short of talking to a psychologist, most would not be able to comprehend what I have been through.

My topics cover my experiences with cancer and survivorship, adoption related issues, divorce, and parenting.  At times I will have guest writers share their stories and insights.  Some topics I will get quite detailed, and  I do my best to avoid graphic content, and there are times when things are written that are appropriate.  There are things that I will not talk about to protect certain individuals from situations or reasons.  For instance, I will talk about anything pertaining to my cancer journey and life afterwards, issues related to adoption and immigration, but I will not discuss details of my divorce or things related to it, other than sharing other people’s stories whose similarities are purely coincidental.  Well… until now.  Actually for the last several years.  Someone wants to use my blog against me, by taking things I have written out of context, and misrepresenting my thoughts.  This should not come as a surprise given everything else this coward has tried to perpetrate against me.

You see Coward, yes, I capitalized it because I am using it as a proper noun as well as an adjective, I am speaking directly to you.  You are a coward.  You are a troll.  You are a bully.  You are a monster.  You are a loser.

Do you think you are the only outsider who has tried to interfere with my divorce, and the relationship with my children?  Hardly.  Do you think because your acts are done in the shadows, there are not footprints to your doorstep?  You try to incite those formerly in my life with innuendo and things taken out of context, all in an effort to destroy my life.  You trust people who you should not, which is how I know who you are.  And that is why every thing that happens, it is reported to the authorities, every time.  Everything has been documented.

Just because you do not value your family, and quite possibly that sentiment is returned, does not give you the right to come at me.  I know who you are.  My children and friends know who you are.  And we all know what you have done and continue to do to me.

The unfortunate thing is, after six years, emotions from the divorce should be simmering down.  Instead, you, an outsider, feel the need to constantly stoke the flames for your own personal and sick satisfaction.  Those that you feed by stalking me, taking things out of context, do not hurt me, you hurt them, not allowing them to move on with their lives.  But then again, you do not care who you hurt.  Even I know that.  Unfortunately, they do not know this, you coward.

I feel better getting this off my chest, coward.  You?  At least I am not hiding, coward.  How do you like that, coward?  And for your minions that bite on every morsel you throw at them?  I know who they are too, and so do my friends, and so do my children.  Imagine, people they know and love, and think they are loved back, actually conspire with you to hurt their father.  I have something you will never know or understand, a child’s never ending love.  You will never take that away from me.

I look forward to the stinging rebukes tonight, or whenever you can think of some clever response.  But as you refuse to come out from the shadows, you are nothing but a coward.  Too bad your minions cannot see it and the trouble you are causing for them as well.

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