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Cancer Survivor Day 2015


My name is Paul Edelman.  And I am the author of “Paul’s Heart”.  I am a 25 year survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer.

June 7, 2015 is National Cancer Survivor Day.


If you are reading this, not only do you know of one cancer survivor, me, but I am willing to bet, that you know many more cancer survivors.  Back when I was diagnosed, it was difficult, let me correct that, I never heard of National Cancer Survivor Day.


Today, there are well over 12,000,000 cancer survivors just in the United States alone.  Cancer survivors are a special group of people.  Not only do they survive a once definite death sentence, but their presence now also contributes to better cures, and better follow up care, so that one day, not only a cure can be found for everyone, but perhaps even prevention.  And I do believe in my lifetime I will see this day come.


Please, today, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, please give a shout out to cancer survivors you personally know.  I literally have met over a thousand survivors over my 25 years, and I could not possibly name all of them on this blog without forgetting a name.  But two that immediate come to mind that I definitely want to wish a Happy Cancer Survivor Day to, are both subject of prior posts on my blog.

Stephanie, every day I see yet another huge leap in the battle against cancer with you.  You are an inspiration to me because I know what you have gone through to get to this point in just a few short years.  You will touch so many lives in your care of patients, perhaps some who have developed issues related to their cancer treatments themselves and because of your history, you will have a completely different perspective with patient relationships.

And Jeff, it is bad enough that we have to go through this shit once.  But yet again, you have been challenged.  You have dedicated your life to fighting against Lymphoma, and the cruelest of ironies, you are battling it yet again.  As I write this post, I know you are on the upswing from your transplant.  Please know, that no one is pulling harder for you, than to someday soon, here those words again, “you are in remission.”

To everyone else, whether it is weeks since you completed treatments, or decades, today is an important day for all of us.  I wish you all well.

Screenshot_2014-12-26-12-30-08 Paul Edelman

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2 thoughts on “Cancer Survivor Day 2015

  1. Debi miller on said:

    Enjoy reading your posts Paul. Congrats on 25 years. I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009. Every new day is greatness :0)

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