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Remembering My Father… 1 Year Later


It has been one year today, since my father passed away from lung cancer.  With all that has been going on in my life over the last two years, I have not taken any time to grieve for my father’s passing, let alone, remember better memories that I have of him.  My childhood memories are vague because I did not get to spend a lot of time with him, something he always told me that he wished he could get back, as did I.


I would like to dedicate this post, to the memory of my late father, Paul Edelman, Sr.

Dad, I miss you.  But I also remember you.  And those memories are what I carry with me, during my difficult times, and will carry with me during my happier times, because I believe in spirit, you will always be with me.


I remember a German Shepard named Duke and how you used to play with him.

I remember going to Dino’s Drive In for soft ice cream in your red convertible before taking me home to my mom.  You always ordered raspberry.

I remember visiting “pappy” in Jim Thorpe.

I remember Easter Sundays.

I remember my first and only “legal” beer with you, at the Buckeye Tavern.  I’m sure by now you have heard what happened.

I remember the day you told me, “I’m sorry.”

I remember how much you loved my daughters.


I remember how much they loved you.  They miss you very much.

I remember how much I had to fight with you to take it easy during your treatment period, but how you insisted on getting to the “music in the park” in Albertis, because you enjoyed the simplest of Sundays, good music and bingo.

But one of the best memories I have was when Madison sang to you, when you could no longer get to the music.  And when you recognized the song, you nodded in approval.

Dad.  I miss you.  But I also remember you.


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