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A Horrible Line Has Been Crossed

I cannot even figure a category to put this post under.

Just when you think you hear or see the most horrible thing a person can do or has done, another piece of scum animal has come out of the woodwork.  My feelings at this moment are ten times worse than the tone I am using right now.

The thing is, we should have seen this behavior coming.  It was a matter of time.  After all, our media goes for huge ratings with the phrase, “the video you are about to see is quite graphic” and then proceeds to show the video of some hideous incident.

But most of now possess that ability to be our own reporter, courtesy of smart phones.

phone video

I mentioned that a tragedy occurred back in my home town of Emmaus over a week ago.  Two little girls, age 11, were crossing the street and were hit by a car.  One died, the other is still fighting for her life.  The story is tragic enough.

But then this dirt bag with a cell phone, starts video taping it.  Now some may want to defend this animal and say, he was in shock.  He was not in shock when he decided to post the damn video on Facebook of both girls lying down in the intersection where they were hit, that just a short time later, one of the girls would die from her injury.  This jerk was filming a personal “snuff” video.

Word got out about this video, and soon, there were over 400,000 views because of everyone sharing it.  Pressure had been put on Facebook to pull the video and ban the user, but Facebook had no problem posting a video of an 11 year old girl dying.  That one post has been deleted, but the other video remains, along with some other posts in regard to the young girls.

This recording and the posting of the video on Facebook was by someone the girls did not even know.  He comes back and video tapes another day a memorial growing, and the young kids sitting around the memorial.  He clearly has been deleting any negative comments posted to his posts, because the only ones left are those asking for prayers.

I am not sharing this animal’s name, nor the video.  You can find it easily enough if you feel the need to watch this video.  But as a father of two girls around the same age, this is definitely one of the most disgusting things a person can do following such a tragedy.  And Facebook protecting this animal’s right to post it makes them just as guilty.

This need to film people, and in this case, two young children in their most tragic state, crosses a major line that can never be crossed back.

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