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The Erector Set

Erector 1

All I wanted for Christmas as a child, was what every other kid had, Lego blocks.  But my request always came up short.  However one particular Christmas, since my family discovered I had this urge to build, gave me this box of scrap metal, called an “Erector Set.”  And yes, the picture above shows exactly what it was, a box of scrap metal.  It came with screws and nuts, some cheap tools, but the hopes of the manufacturer, and perhaps my family, would be that it would inspire  me to build things.  Which then might lead me to perhaps a career interest as I got older.

The box included some directions on how to build sample structures, and then, it was up to your own imagination.

Erector 2

So why do I write about this “toy”?

Recently, I had an experience to see just what might have become of me, had I chose to pursue my building skills with my Erector Set.  Perhaps, with stronger encouragement, I might have gone further than just the toy kit.  I think about it, as a “boring” parent who always bought the “boring” gifts for the kids (you know, those that might just be educational), I tried to pay attention to their interests, and then provide them with gifts that might enhance their dreams.  For instance, the “silly band” craze sparked a designer phase for my youngest daughter.  So during the summer, I purchased a loom for her to continue her hobby.  Now honestly, I do not know if this will go anywhere, but as her parent, I want to encourage her in any interest that she has.

When I look back at some of the things that I might have experienced, and yes, probably made a good earning, had I just stuck with that interest in the Erector set, I could be working for the Tran Siberian Orchestra building new stage sets that lift their performers over the crowds, or perhaps, assemble sound systems or special audio-visual devices like a television lift for a fireplace mount.

PART_1418701985889_Image1418701985878 PART_1418701897089_Image1418701897037

What toy might you have had way back when, that had you kept with it, might just have turned into a dream career?

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