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Waking Up Late

Normally in my house, there is no such thing as sleeping in.  With a seven and nine-year old who have the internal clocks of farmer Brown’s roosters, on a rare day off from work, I am lucky to get passed six in the morning.  My daughters know there is a lot that we can do in a day, and they do not want to waste a minute of that time.  But as many parents know, let it be a school day and you have to drag children out of the beds, still clinging to their bedspreads as you load them onto the school bus.  Except today.

It happens once every so many years, I woke up late this morning.  But instead of just soaking in the “why” and enjoying it, I jumped into hyper mode, blowing right passed my daughters who were in awe of the mid-March snowfall, clearly anticipating a snow day off from school, maybe which would translate into a day off for Daddy from work.

Unfortunately, that is not how the day went.  Much like the expression, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” starting off my day, which is fairly routine (I could do it in my sleep), there are things that I do naturally and planned.  I skipped past morning meds, school backpack prep, pet feeding, and lunch preparation as I raced to get to work before being late.  I ended up late anyway, but feel from the harried state, set in motion a chain of events today that just like my morning began, sped and spiraled out of control.

Oh sure, things happen.  My waking up late in the morning has no more an effect on events of a day, any more than I can control the sun rise in the morning.  But my reactions to everything I am certain would have been different.  Additional work duties to an already tardy start of the work day, only kept me behind on my work load.  The quick pace emotionally left me concerned that I was not concentrating enough to make sure the rest of my evening would go as planned, nor would it.  I was contacted about a work issue, and then additional news came about someone close to me dealing with cancer waiting on the start of treatment that I was not prepared for.  Nothing like a little late evening politics to round out the night, and I am ready to start off tomorrow morning, on time, and a little slower of a pace.

Oh Hell, who am I kidding?

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