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This has been a difficult year amongst my fellow long term survivors, and mourning the loss of yet another, that I got to know along our journeys.

It is hard to believe that someone with such a positive and visibly obvious pleasantry about her was forced to deal with something so horrible, not just one time, but several times, and many other difficult issues with her health. It is a cliche said all too often, and meant every time, “it just isn’t fair that she had to face what she did.”

I never got to meet Aimie, but over the years, we exchanged support for each other, depending what health crisis either of us was dealing with. But what she was better at than I, was overflowing with a positive outlook, no matter what she faced. She would constantly share photos of tasty treats and cuddly fur friends. Aimie would post inspirational quotes and memes. And living in the south, she shared some of the most beautiful sunsets.

I am envious of those who actually got to meet Aimie in person. Because while a picture may be worth a thousand words, her stories were likely much better from her herself. But I am sure, those that got to know her in person, are feeling an even deeper loss today. And it is clear from our peers, that she had an impact on so many of us.

I would like to share some of the thoughts some of her fellow survivors have expressed about Aimie:

“She was such an inspiration to all who knew her!”

“Seeing Aimee’s picture above though reminds me that she indeed was a survivor and that we need to celebrate those “wins” while we can.”

” She was such a warrior. Wonderful friend, coworker, and spirit. A person who will be truly missed.”

“A wonderful person.”

“Another amazingly strong being!”

And finally, from a fellow survivor who got to know her better than many of us, and a friendship that gave both support to each other along their survivorship, “SHE FOUGHT SO HARD!” Yes, she did. And that is what we will all remember about Aimie. This friend is one of the lucky ones bless to have gotten to know her so much better as they spent much time with each other, sharing laughs, sharing gifts (Aimie loved painting rocks, her friend making this beautiful wreath with all four colors representing the four battles with cancer that Aimie had faced), and supporting each other. Because that is what survivors do.

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4 thoughts on “Aimie

  1. Mary John on said:

    Aimee was a very special friend and inspiration to my daughter Michelle
    May she rest in peace.💔

  2. Mary John on said:

    I tried to post a comment, was told I had already posted and was a duplicate???

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