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Infuriating Is An Understatement

As schools continue to open across the country, one thing we have not been able to do as a country, is come together and just do the right thing for EVERYONE. And over the last several weeks, there have been plenty of news reports all over, of contentious school board meetings, as they often are, between the board and the public, getting out of control, often requiring the need for police support. The school district where my daughters attend is no exception.

I remain in public discussion with my former school district as it often gets pointed out to me, why I have any right to comment on anything there since I no longer live there. And I point out that my children do attend there, so it does matter to me. In full disclosure, I also do have a history with this district, as I was twice a candidate for the school board, beginning a movement that brought much needed sweeping changes to making it the great district that it is today, and in capable hands of dealing with this horrific crisis of Covid19.

Also in full disclosure, I do believe in the 1st amendment, and the right to peacefully protest. And so, having heard how bad the school board meeting went the week before with boorish behaviors of so many, that police were called in for safety precautions, I thought I would tune in for the next meeting. The preparations for this meeting were excellent. A larger venue to allow social distancing. A time limit on public commentary, not for the sake of limiting someone’s voice, but to hopefully keep speakers focused on what they wanted to get across (I have been to meetings where one person basically repeated the same sentiment, four different ways, for over twenty minutes). With the number of people expected to turn out, no one wanted to be at that meeting until the wee hours of the morning. Remember, most school boards are volunteer. Most importantly, police were already present. Rules of participation were read prior to the start of the meeting, consequences announced for anyone veering from those rules, and the meeting went through very timely, with little disruption other than applause for each side’s speakers.

While I am clearly on the side of precautions, which the district has been recognized as a leader by the CDC in the steps that they have taken to ensure safety while operating the schools, via facemasks, distancing, engineering, sanitation, and testing, there is clearly the other side who opposes all of those methods, for whatever their reason. Regardless if I believe they are wrong for those reasons, and they are, they have the right to speak. I even encourage them how to speak so that their words come out as respectful and factual. Alas, there were 3 or 4 “buffoons,” who chose to waste their two minutes of their 1s amendment right to protest the pending mandates from the board by spouting off all kinds of political bullshit that was not going to have any impact, just look like fools doing it. Oh, and the part about being “factual,” yeah, that did not happen either because comparatively speaking, the facts presented by the “anti” held zero weight in comparison to those that were in support of any mandates to keep the children and staff safe.

Now, an argument can be made, that because so many people spoke up against, they must be the majority. That is clearly subjective. A simple theory, people who are content do not normally participate. People who are upset, will speak out. That is all there is to it. The majority is not against mask mandates and other mitigation. They are just the noisiest.

But here is one point no one, anywhere, in any state or locality, who is opposed to any mitigation has been able to answer or offer, any other alternative. Okay, I get it, you are anti mask (though I really do wish you would just admit that you don’t like the way it makes you look instead of offering all other bullshit). But what can you suggest in its place? Sure the mask is not perfect, but you know what it prevents? Stupidity and selfishness, and really, poor hygiene. I witnessed someone just the other day, a grown adult, just let out a sneeze all over the floor in front of her, not even attempting to cover her snot hole. THAT IS WHAT THE FUCKING MASK IS FOR! Because too many are pigs and willing to direct spray their germs. Need proof? We needed to be told to wash our hands! And then there is this one.

A small child wanting to go to school. Mother explains he is only on day 7 of his 10 and is reminded of another student who had to do the same. The problem? I heard the conversation which means the kid was not in quarantine, nor was his mother and family, AND NONE OF THEM WERE WEARING A FREAKING MASK! IN PUBLIC!

Stupidity and selfishness at its finest.

So, some time after the board meetings were over, on two separate nights, assholes went on a vandalism spree, spray painting anti messages on various properties, schools and other public properties. I have to laugh, because those commenting on the news articles are making the assumptions that it was kids doing it. Let me tell you something, the kids do not care about the mandates. They just want to be in school. They will do what they have to, to achieve that. No, I 100% believe these were disgruntled adult morons like the buffoons at the school board meeting. And now, the taxpayers get to pay for the clean up.

I am both excited and anxious for my daughters to return to in class schooling. The results of the last year and a half are mixed, some good things, some bad. But when all is said and done, I believe they are better off in school, but only if it can be done safely. The school board has done what they can to make sure of this, and will make the difficult decisions again if they must. But at least I know they have the safety of all in mind.

Hopefully those involved in this vandalism are caught, and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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