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The Super Group

In 1982, four musicians from four other well known bands came together, forming the super group, Asia.  Yes, the term “super group” existed long before 1982, but really just began being used with the birth of Asia.  Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Steve Howe of Yes, Geoff Downes of the Buggles (Video Killed The Radio Star), and John Wetton of King Crimson, consisted of the lineup.

With the help of MTV, when they used to play music videos, “Only Time Will Tell” and “Heat Of The Moment” got lots of attention, garnishing #1 status for the album in the US.  This debut album only released two songs before coming out with the next effort, Alpha, a similarly written and produced record.

The entire album is heart pounding and melodious.  It does not have the continuity of a concept album, which definitely explains why it did not have more commercial success being played mostly on album oriented rock radio stations.

“Soul Survivor”

“One Step Closer”

“Time Again”

“Wildest Dreams”

“Without You”

“Cutting It Fine”

“Here Comes The Feeling”

Just one great song after another.  Of course, as is often the case these days with new technology, albums get remastered and songs get added to even original albums.  An additional tune, often played in the concerts recognizing their 25th anniversary, “Ride Easy” took on a whole new meaning when lead singer John Wetton passed away from cancer.

There had been some lineup changes over the years, but the bulk of the music, no matter what, sounded like “Asia” as it was from the beginning.  The average person may think there was only one album released by this super group, I am one of the oddballs that actually has all fourteen albums.

It was during the 25th anniversary tour, that reunited all of the original band members.  I went to that concert with my late brother-in-law, who passed away from Lou Gerhrig’s Disease soon after.  Both of us appreciating the concert because not only did they knock that first album out in its entirety, each member of the band played a song from their original band as well.

We heard “Hall Of The Crimson King” from King Crimson, “Roundabout” from Yes, “Karnevil 9” from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, and for the first time in my life, “Video Killed The Radio Star” from the Buggles.

A great night of live music.  One of the best memories with my brother-in-law.  A great album.

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