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Blame It On The Moon

Sure, many of us got to experience a Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse this morning.  When it is worded that way, it not only sounds cool, but also like it might be the theme of some sort of apocalyptic movie.  Three events of the lunar cycle combined for an occasion that has not happened in over 150 years, a Blue (new) moon (the second full moon within the month), a “blood” moon (colored from the sun), and a lunar eclipse.

But for me, what makes this event even more special for me, is I got to share it with my daughters this morning.  Not physically, as we live several states apart.  But through Facetime, I was able to share an experience, and tradition that started many years ago back when my oldest daughter was in second grade (during the marriage).

We were experiencing a “blood moon”, just a normal one that evening.  But we would have to wake up at 3:00am.  My daughter was so excited as things such as dinosaurs, dolphins, and the moon excited her.  We had an understanding with each other, that if I woke her, to witness the blood moon, it was no going to eclipse that night, just turn red, she had to promise me that she would go right back to sleep once it was over.  After all, she had school later that morning.

We had been outside for approximately 45 minutes, but it gave us one of our many special daddy/daughter moments.  The next lunar event, my youngest daughter insisted, all too happily to be included in these family science lessons.  I was all too happy to oblige.

So, this morning I went outside, and started filming the moon’s trifecta event.  It really is something special to be able to witness something that does not happen more than once in a lifetime.  So, along with experiencing an eye of a hurricane (Irma) this Fall, I can now add another event I had not expected.  I took video and snapshots of the different stages.

Of course, timing was becoming an issue, as I wanted to share this with my daughters on Facetime, and I knew that they would be leaving for school shortly.  “Hurry up Moon!  Would you?!”

As soon as the moon had eclipsed, I raced back inside my apartment, and called my daughters.  I could not wait to share this moment with them.  Where they live, the sun was already out an hour, and would not see this.  I showed them the videos and pictures with the same enthusiasm as our first lunar experience, and their reactions were the same.

Always the parent who makes their education a priority, this morning I gave them both something  that they could share in school, if the conversation came up, either with friends, or even during science class.  More importantly, we continued a tradition, that in spite of our distance, continues today.

As one of my friends mentioned to me just yesterday about this Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, “it is a special day, and only good things will come.”  I am looking forward to it.

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