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So my last post, was about mothers who choose to keep their children away from their fathers, either physically, or emotionally.  It was a powerful post, and as it was pointed out to me by a reader, and although unintentional, it was quite one-sided.  The accuracy of the post was not questioned, because these were nationally documented news stories, but rather it was felt that I could have posted an example or two of a mother who was being kept from her children by the father, or perhaps even grandparents being kept from seeing their grandchildren.

And I am trying to currently write a post exactly about those two sides.  However it does not appear as easy for the level of examples that I used in my last post.  I have spent several days researching news articles about mothers who had reached an end to their suffering, being kept from their children by the father due to bitter divorce or separation.  I am hardly able to find anything but some old blogs (which means that I cannot confirm events or claims).  But that does not mean at all, that these situations do not exist.  I have two friends personally who deal with this issue, but out of respect for them, I will not discuss their case.  And since their story is not newsworthy, it will not reach Google or Wikipedia.

There are several stereotypes that present themselves in a divorce and custody battle.  These stereotypes are grown courtesy of the media.  You very rarely hear of a divorce going smoothly, because it does not sell news.  Therefore you will not find many stories about successful divorces.  And when it comes to custody issues, you will very rarely hear the term “deadbeat” referring to the female gender because calling a mother a “deadbeat parent” does not create the emotional upheaval that we all feel when the “deadbeat” term is used against the male parent.  It is very easy to find stories against men, not so much against women.  That is not to say the situations do not exist, they do.  It just is not publicized.

So I would like to request this of my readers, I am looking for a couple news examples of mothers who have been alienated from their children by the fathers of the children.  I will keep your name anonymous, but in keeping my last post about parental alienation balanced, I want to try and present the side of the mother who is alienated by the custodial father.  You can reply to this post with the news link, as I have to approve all comments before they are published, and I will simply remove your name from the reply before it is printed to protect your identity.

Parental alienation is child abuse.  And it makes no difference if it is done by the mother or the father, and yes, even other family members.  Anyone who partakes in trying to persuade a child to hate one of their parents is committing child abuse.


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