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Personal Judas

depeche mode

“Personal Jesus”, one of the great songs of the 1980’s by Depeche Mode.  And that is all it is, a song.  This post is not about a personal Jesus.

personal judas

Now I could have posted a picture of Lady Gaga for my personal Judas reference, but I do not think you would get the picture I am trying to paint.

Judas, is notorious as the disciple to betray Jesus for 30 coins.  Judas wanted, someone gave, and in return, he became one of the original examples of being a traitor.  Throughout history, we have examples of traitors.

Aldrich Ames, the Rosenbergs, Brutus, and one of the most referenced, even using his name to describe a personal “Judas”, Benedict Arnold, all surrendered the loyalties for personal gain, often times regretting what they had done.

But acts of treason do not need to happen on a national or historical level, to do major damage so an individual.  The best of friends and family members can all be torn apart, when the acts and desires of one, are deemed more valuable at the expense of another.  The reasons may differ, greed, knowledge, the claim to wanting to be bi-partisan, but the act is still an ultimate betrayal.

Of course in Christianity, Judas’ betrayal of Jesus led to a major religion having its “savior.”  So for many, what seemed like a bad idea at the time, is a good thing to many today, as it is for this event, that many believe in forgiveness.  In history, like the Rosenbergs and Ames, governmental secrets and accusations of spying could have had disastrous results with major fatalities.  No good could possibly be gotten from that.

But if you are dealing with a personal Judas, the feelings involved are just that, personal.  The traitor is still selfish, acting on only their own behalf, at the expense of another.  The acts continue to build resentment, and often, make the situation worse, and in the end, not at all what the perpetrator had originally intended.  But just as Jesus knew “the plan,” information that others were not privy to, so goes any act of betrayal.  In a selfish quest for personal gain, the result will always be the same, someone else getting hurt, not the perpetrator, and not the person the perpetrator is acting against.  And in the end, there will be no forgiveness.

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