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10 Years Of Forever

10 years ago, I was blessed for the first time, to be a father to a little girl from China, originally called Fu Shu Ting, whose American name is Madison. The little girl from a farming region in China was placed in my arms, making me a dad, something I had dreamed of for a long time.

It has been a wonderful ten years with my oldest daughter. I love supporting her in everything she tries. I have watched her dance, listened to her sing, and last year attempt something I cannot even complete one third of, a triathalon for school.

I have a little girl who loves everything and everyone. She is a faithful friend to a fault. She is respectful and courteous, helpful and loving. She is kind to everyone and everything (ask all the water bugs that she rescues from our swimming pool… ew). She tries hard in school.

I will always be proud of her. And she always tries to make sure that she has done right. She does not like to disappoint.

She is going to grow up to be a wonderful woman who I think will do great things in this world.

I love both my daughters equally and am proud of both. But tomorrow is Madison’s day just as Emmy had her day last month. Both have birthdays coming up soon and I will sing proudly about them again.

Happy 10 years Madison. Here is to hoping the next ten will be just as exciting. I have so many plans for you.

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