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A Most Sincere Thank You

First, I want to thank everyone who “liked”, “commented”, and “shared” my photo and story. I am really overwhelmed by the outpouring response. Never in my wildest dreams as much as I want to help people deal with cancer and surviving it, did I think it would have this big of an impact.

To those who are just entering the world of cancer or going through treatment, you can get through this. I have met hundreds of other patients who have come after me. The treatments are better, safer. And some day I hope you enjoy the longevity that I have.

And for those that have approached my longevity and gone well beyond, I am inspired by you. I never had the opportunity to know anyone who had even beaten cancer let alone long term. After seeing your responses it is clear I will have a lot more time to come.

In closing, an expressions I like to say at the end of many of my posts, “as I cruise down the road of remission, I will keep looking in my rear view mirror to make sure that you are still following me. And if you aren’t on that highway, hurry up, I’ll wait for you.”


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2 thoughts on “A Most Sincere Thank You

  1. Hi Paul
    First-congrats for being a 25 year survivor! I’m at 30 years…more than half my life. At this stage, “late term” effects are starting to become my reality. I live in Anchorage Alaska -a beautiful place but sadly not a place with many doctors familiar with a body who has been on this path for this many years. I cannot seem to find good resources or groups…well heck ! Not much of any information out there on what to look for, common side effects and on and on and on. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks! Deb

    • A good place to start, and where I began, is a web site called ACOR and can be found at (no www). There many secure email lists, but the one that you need to seek out is the Long Term Cancer Survivors email list, of which I am a subscriber. There are over 480 subscribers, many who have resources not just across the country, but the globe as far as where to turn to for help. I even know of a fellow survivor from Alaska. Please let me know how you make out and I will try to find other resources and post them here as well. You might also try Googling “Childrens Oncolgy Group” which is another survivor based web site.

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