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World Cancer Day – Stand Up 2 Cancer

Today is World Cancer Day. All the cancer websites are announcing this day as a reminder to everyone that there is still a fight against cancer to be won. No one is more aware of that than me. I have had twenty-four years as a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to remember this fact. I have met thousands of cancer patients and hundreds of survivors. While we have found cures for many cancers, found better treatments for other cancers, we still so far to rid the world of cancer.

The organization, Stand Up2Cancer offers a great opportunity to proudly support or honor someone you know that has battled cancer, and either has survived or sadly passed.

Simply print the template out, write the person’s name that you would like to honor or memorialize, take a picture with it, and plaster it on the internet. I have several dozen copies ready to go with names of so many who have come and gone through my life. And while photographs of me are very rare, I will suck it up this time, because I want people to know that I stand up to cancer. My battle was long ago, but I will not celebrate my survivorship as long as there are those who do not get that chance. So, very shortly, I will be posting the names of those I stand up for against cancer on the “Paul’s Heart” Facebook page and my personal page.

Who will you stand up for against cancer?

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