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Here I Go Again

There is no specific reason per se, that Whitesnake’s self titled album from 1987 is one of my top ten influencial albums, other than… I PLAY IT AS LOUD AS I CAN ALL OF THE TIME!

Yes, it is like that.  After my stint as a radio disc jockey, and my time with Kamikaze Craig, I developed a harder edge to my taste in music that was lacking.  The screaming guitars and vocals of Deep Purple’s former front man David Coverdale just make this album 100% from beginning to end.

“Cryin’ In The Rain” and “Bad Boys” were a good jump of the adrenaline.  But while pop radio stations were playing the crap out of the main hit of the album, “Here I Go Again,” and it was good, don’t get me wrong, just way overplayed enough to make me tired of it, our album oriented rock station, WZZO had “Still Of The Night” in its rotation, and this was a guaranteed full volume on my radio, still is.

“Give Me All Your Lovin'”, “Children Of The Night,” “Straight From The Heart,” and “Don’t Turn Away” were all good songs.  But the one song from this album that I cannot get out of my head, especially visually, is “Is This Love?”  All thanks to a once-in-the-spotlight Tawny Kitaen, seductively “dancing” throughout the song.  She married Coverdale in 1989.

I have always been a fan of Coverdale, and the six degrees of different formations of bands from Deep Purple, to the Firm, and his short stint with Jimmy Page, for the Coverdale/Page album.

This album actually helped me to get louder and harder as I got older.  Not the other way around.

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