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Wild Eyed And Lovin’ Southern Rock

Continuing with some of my influential albums, .38 Special’s “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” introduced me to a couple of things, southern rock, and interest in playing guitar.  This was actually their fourth album.  With the help of MTV, their music videos showed them as a high-energy concert experience.  I also thought it was cool that this was the first time I saw two full drum sets in a rock band.

“Hold On Loosely” was the driving force behind me wanting to learn to play guitar.  A very catchy and easy riff to play, I learned to play it on my own.  The title track “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” and “Fantasy Girl” are the more memorable tracks.

And just like that, the band had their next album out within a year another smash, “Caught Up In You.”  But their best song will always have been from their third album, the track “Rockin’ Into The Night.”  Odd fact, co-founder of the band Survivor, Jim Peterik had written the song for his band, but went to .38 Special instead.  Peterik actually had co-written all the hits released on Wild-Eyed Southern Boys and an additional song.

If there is one thing that I miss from 21st century music, it is the genre of a good southern rock band getting airplay.

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