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A True Miracle And A Happy Ending

Forget the Carpenters and the Boomtown Rats.  I am going to make your Monday with today’s post.

I did not realize when I decided to do this story, what today was on the calendar.  As it turns out, it was five years ago that I introduced Stephanie, a very young Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor and her incredible story, to Paul’s Heart.  I intend to keep this post the uplifting message I want it to be.  So if you want to see just where Stephanie started in her Hodgkin’s journey, click on the following link:

Stephanie’s Words (pictures included)

This is the first chapter written by and about my fellow survivor from my home state back in Pennsylvania.  I had known about Stephanie through her mother, and had asked her to put into her own words, what she went through, and share her story on “Paul’s Heart.”  That was five years ago today, that story was told.

A month later, I shared an update about Stephanie, as she had reached her 3rd year in remission.  As anyone who has faced cancer can tell you, the calendar can be cruel as we watch day after day go by, with us checking off, another day down, further away from cancer.  Hoping for the time, that our fight against cancer is no longer a thought in the front of our memories.

Stephanie’s Words – Update (pictures included)

The next chapter would was when Stephanie hit the magic mark, 5 years!  We shared the amount of family support that Stephanie had not only during her battle against Hodgkin’s, but in survivorship also.

A Celebration For Stephanie (pictures included)

As with many Hodgkin’s patients, especially the younger ones, we are dealing with or at the least in the planning stages of what was our normal progressive plan in life, one of the happiest times in our lives, while dealing with one of the darkest times.  Admittedly, getting married, as big a dream as it may be, takes second place to just wanting to get through this battle against cancer.  And a year and a half ago, Stephanie was not just well past her five year mark, but she got married.  And this was not just a wedding.  Stephanie married the same gentleman who had stayed by her side, her entire journey.

Go back and read these stories after reading this post.  Truly appreciate the miracle I am going to share with you.  And Stephanie can tell you, I have been very excited to share this news.

Probably the biggest concern for a young Hodgkin’s patient/survivor, is having a family.  And with that, I present the happy ending to Stephanie’s Words… a baby boy!!!!!

Cancer is one of the cruelest and most uncertain challenges we can face in life.  But we can never give up hope.  There are happy endings to many stories, and this is just one that I have been blessed to know about personally.  I know Stephanie’s mother and one of her sisters, and Stephanie’s son is not only a miraculous fairy tale, but will be smothered in family love from both the mother and father’s families.

And I know that there are several other “young” Hodgkin’s readers seeing this post.  Miracles can happen.  Stephanie is just one of many.  But now you can see one with your own eyes.

Congratulations to Stephanie and her family.

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