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Father’s Day Music

As many of my readers know, I live for music, always have.  So as we celebrate Father’s Day, or remember our Fathers this weekend, here are a list of songs to make your Father’s Day soundtrack special:

Eric Clapton                           “My Father’s Eyes”

Rick Springfield                    “My Father’s Chair”

Bruce Springsteen                “My Father’s House”

Queen                                      “Father To Son”

Madonna                                “Oh Father”

John Mayer                           “Daughters”

Luther Vandross                  “Dance With My Father”

Keith Urban                          “Song For Dad”

Reba McEntire                     “The Greatest Man I Ever Knew”

Stevie Wonder                      “Isn’t She Lovely”

Bob Carlisle                           “Butterfly Kisses”

Kenny Loggins                     “Turn Around”

And of course, probably the most famous song about Dads…

Harry Chapin                        “Cats In The Cradle”

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