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Pen Pushers Suck!

While our paid congressman continue their tantrum and continued effort to eliminate health care for millions patieand deny deny so many millions more because of pre-existing conditions, fortunately I currently do not have that problem with my insurance…yet.  There is one issue about the Affordable Care Act not addressed and is just as important as accepting pre-existing conditions.

While in the waiting room with my dad who was scheduled to get his third chemo treatment, there was a woman at the receptionist window wondering where her father was.  He had been dropped off by her to receive an injection to helhomies body recover his red blood cell counts which were effected by his treatments.

There was one problem.  His blood level was 10.1 and the insurance would only cover the injection if the count was under 10.  Okay, the first ridiculous fact is he was being denied the coverage for .2 of his count.  The second problem is that his count would undoubtedly drop more over the next days anyway because that is what the chemo would do and he would need the injection anyway.

But the pen pusher accomplished what they wanted, denied covering the injection. Forget what the doctor who actually saw the patient wanted done.  The pen pusher at the insurance company saved the company’s finances by taking care of this cheater abusing the health care industry.

The patient refused to sign the waiver as he could not afford the injection out of pocket.  He left the hospital leaving his daughter and nuts nurses wondering where he got to.  The daughter was his transportation and her father was missing.

While they searched for the patient, another call came through to the hospital.  The evil sand heartless ogres at the insurance company had changed their minds after the doctor stopped talking to or treating other patients just to argue and defend what he had ordered by his observations of the patient.  But of course the pen pushers were only worried about preventing this cheat with getting away with the serious of meeting the needs of his care.

They located the man in the lobby of the hospital.  While his daughter was relieved as I am sure was the hospital, this situation should never have happened in the first place.  Unfortunately, it is all too common a practice.  So go ahead congress, continue to fold your arms and hold your breath.  People are dying or suffering needlessly because we treat our patients with $$$ instead of medicines.  And jig you don’t have the $$$ you don’t get the medicines.

Shame on you congress.  But what do you care?  You are still getting paid and still have your excellent health care coverage that does not hold you to the standards this cancer patient faced.  Then again, you were elected by the People to represent the People not special interests.  And as a voter, that makes me your employer.  And just as I do not have the luxury of telling my boss I am not going to work because I do not like something, and still want to be paid because I would be accused of insubordination and fired… I have one thing to say.  GET BACK TO WORK!!  The ACA is not perfect, but it has to start somewhere.  There is clearly more work to be done to prevent the greedy pen pushers from making these horrible decisions denying the care that is needed.

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