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I love music.  I cannot put it any more simpler than that.  I am a third generation musician (vocalist for the most part) and have appeared to transfer that trait onto both of my adopted daughters.  When it comes to music trivia, I am the one most often in the family or circle of friends that people call for either hints or answers.  Buy my love of music goes well beyond that of nerddom.

I began singing around seven years of age, after hearing a recording of my grandfather singing the Battle Hymn of The Republic.  My grandfather was a popular man in our small town, and very well liked.  I heard stories of how much my grandfather meant to me from birth until he passed when I was not yet one year of age.

Over the next several decades, my voice would go in many different directions from choral groups to church choirs to karoake bars.  Of course there is always the car and the shower.

But as happy as music made me, it became a lifeline itself for me.  When I went through my chemo therapy, I created a soundtrack of music that would pump me up to fight my cancer from diagnosis to each particle of medicine versus each cancer cell.  On long road trips, the time goes by much quicker with an Ipod set to “shuffle.”   When I relax around the house, I usually just listen to any of the many music channels on the television cable.  And when I am at work, my ear buds help me to drown out the work-place gossip or hear the constant griping.  Yes, I try to make it as peaceful between my ears as I can.

So one night, in our tech lounge at home, also known as our family room (all four of us using either a laptop, Nook, or Kindle), Wendy calls me over to her laptop and says, “you have to try this.  Play it once and you’ll be hooked.”

In three weeks, I have gone from 50 games, to 113 games, to 227 games clearing a winning record of 23-2 versus opponents.  My one loss against an opponent who has been playing the game for a long time, and appears to have the same amount of experience in music as I do.  The other opponent to beat me evidently figured out a strategy.  At the end of the round, you get to pick the next category from four choices.  Though I listen to most genres of music, there are two that I am weak at, and my niece has figured it out.

It is an exciting game, and for as much as I love listening to music, and relaxing with it, I only get to hear one or two seconds of most of the songs as I compete.  Now to get back to my game.

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