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Thousands Of Pictures Worth Millions Of Words

I have a lot of posts cued up, ready to go. They are a bit on the more serious side though. So, before I get to those, yesterday, a couple of my friends who have toddlers, both shared photos of the young children playing together. Both families echoing the same sentiment, hoping that moments like this would last forever. I am here to tell you that it can happen.

I was given this photo album last Father’s Day. It holds 500 photos, which I should have plenty of slots left open for the future. I don’t. Truth be told, and I can confirm the actual count, as I have my near entire catalogue of photos of my daughters saved in my laptop and external hard drives. The number of memories I have, is well over 50,000 photos.

I spend a lot of my free time, going through them, and remembering all the situations and stories behind them all. And when I get to the part, where my first severe medical issue came up in regard to my cancer survivorship, I can see all of the memories that have been made ever since, time I thought that I would never see.

I wrote to my friends and offered them this advice. Provide them with time with each other, and give them time separate with their friends. As time goes on, experiences that they share with others, provide opportunities for discussion with each other. And experiences that they have with each other, become conversations of memories when they are hanging with friends. Soon, they are no longer toddlers, no longer teenagers, but parents themselves.

I am the first to acknowledge, after what I went through in 2008 with life and death heart surgery, no one is more appreciative, happy, to have witnessed their children growing up, and staying close, as me. I plan on being around a lot longer, and I cannot wait to see the relationship they have with each other as adults. I know that they will have plenty to look back on and remember. And if they need help, I have a few more photos to show them.

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